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Aug 23, 2010 11:18 AM

Suggestions for early Saturday dinner at Asian restaurant for 6 adults plus baby


We'll be in Vancouver this weekend. We're looking for a place for dinner for 6 adults plus an almost one year old for this Saturday. We would like to eat early because of the baby, so probably around 5 or 5:30. My dad only wants to eat Asian food these days, so it will have to be an Asian restaurant.

If it's close to our condo, that would be even better, but that's not necessary since we'll have a car. We will be staying at 1166 Melville Street. Also, if anyone could tell me what neighborhood that is, I would appreciate it. I tried to figure it out and gave up.

Thanks so much!

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  1. I'd call that downtown, though you are close to Coal Harbour and the West End. As long as the resto you pick is open at 5, you should be fine at pretty much any Asian resto in town. We've been taking our little niece out for dinner since she was born (she is two now) and have never had so much as a sidelong glance in any of the Asian restos we've been to.

    Because we were just there last night, I'm going to suggest Bo Laksa King, It is pan South East Asian (Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Burmese, even butter chicken). A straight shot east from your hotel by car, about a 10 min drive (less if you hit no traffic). Also out that way is some good Vietnamese that would be child friendly -- we had excellent bo 7 mon at Thai Hang (also on East Hastings) last Thursday, so reasonable and tasty.

    Or did you mean Chinese?

    1. miku - aburi sashimi
      kirin - canto chinese
      kingyo - japa tapa

      are in that vicinity.

      bo 7 beef at thai hang or soong huong is a good idea
      as is seri malaysia and bo laksa king(the BBT stall name is different) on hastings near nanaimo.
      for more etchnic asian food.

      south across the bridges outta DT there is Lin's on broadway and peacefull(smaller room, not as baby friendly) for northern chinese cuisine.