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Aug 23, 2010 10:50 AM

Coffee/tea place near Burbank for re-connecting meet-up

I'm looking for a place in the Burbank area where two old friends can kick back, relax and catch up over a coffee or tea. Inexpensive, nothing pretentious, just somewhere where they won't want to usher us out if we sit too long.

Any suggestions?

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  1. It can be loud, but Porto's in Burbank is great. Grab your coffee and pastries (or sandwiches) inside and then get an OUTSIDE table. If you go on off hours (i.e. not noon to 1:30) there's much less pressure to turn the tables over and heck, you can always go inside and buy another pastry. Or twelve.

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    1. re: happybaker

      I second Porto's...inexpensive and delish. But quiet it's not. That place is super busy all the time.

      1. re: happybaker

        I work half a block from Porto's. I love Porto's -- for takeout. But honestly, I cannot think of a worse place to kick back with an old friend. Indoors is loud, crowded and impossible, outdoors is uncomfortable, loud, crowded and impossible.

        Priscilla's in Toluca Lake is an excellent choice, so is Chez Nous at Cahuenga and Riverside.

        Chez Nous
        10550 Riverside Dr, Toluca Lake, CA 91602

        Priscilla's Gourmet Coffee Tea & Gifts
        4150 W Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91505

        1. re: maxzook

          Depends when you go. It's a madhouse from 11:30 to 1:30, but at the other times of day you can sit in the corner of the room and chat all day if you like.

          That said, Priscilla's is a better place for chatting but a worse place for coffee, and they're busy until about 9:30 a.m.

      2. Burbank covers several different areas, meaning downtown, Toluca Lake, Airport Area or Magnolia Park.
        If in Toluca Lake, and not during crazy busy breakfast or lunch times, Priscilla's Coffee, Tea, & Gifts at 4150 Riverside Drive, near Pass Avenue should do.
        Not my favorite place, but the options in Burbank are not great.

        1. I'll throw in Aroma Cafe in Studio City as a suggestion. While it's not inexpensive and maybe a little on the far side from Burbank, it's very pleasant and relaxed, at least on weekdays (I've never been there on a weekend).

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          1. re: Peripatetic

            My husband and I call Aroma Cafe "Beverly Hills East".

            It can get quite crowded with very intense folks : )

            That said, if you can get a table outside (front or back), they seem to leave you alone and you can relax and catch up very well.

            Good luck!

            1. re: happybaker

              Don't get the BH connection whatsoever, and that is a good thing.
              Silver Lake of the Valley would be my phrasing.
              Pretenses galore, yet in a good way.
              And they will leave you alone, but I am not sure being left alone tomorrow on the patio will be a good thing, give or take a million degrees of heat!!!
              Schedule outdoors based on weather forecast, but the setting is fine.

              1. re: happybaker

                Aroma Cafe definitely attracts industry types, but it's very low key relative to BH. I typically go in early to mid-afternoon and it's rarely crowded then. Is it possible you're thinking of one of the other "Aromas", e.g., Aroma Bakery Cafe on Sunset near Sam Ash?

                1. re: Peripatetic

                  Nope, the one in Studio City.

                  And you're right, it IS low key compared to BH. But there are times I've walked past there and just grinned inside, there's such a show going on.

            2. Not to champion a chain, but I've found that the Starbucks in the Pavilions strip mall on Alameda is pretty quiet and has plenty of parking. I've actually sat there for a few hours catching up with an old friend (and I don't even drink coffee).

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              1. re: girlplusfire

                Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate it.