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My fiance and I are panning to get married in NYC in August 2012. The biggest challenge for us is the reception venue. We are from the UK and planning to come over in April 2011, however would like some reccomendations prior to this.

We have 40 guests, we want it to be an intimate wedding, but still having a sit down meal with a disco at the end of the night. Our budget is no more than $150 per head. We don't mind going across the water from Manhattan, such as the Water's Edge. We did look at the River Cafe, however this was out of our budget.

Any suggestions??

Amanda and Aidan.

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  1. Does the $150/person include alcohol? I recently went to a small reception at Algers House (6th Ave and Bleecker). The food was decent but the space is oddly configured. With a 40-person reception this might not be an issue. Might be worth looking in to.

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      Thank you much appreciated. Yes it will include alcohol.

    2. You might look into the 3 West Club. It's on 51st between 5th & 6th Aves I had mine there and for $150 per head we had a cocktail hour with hors d'ouvres in a solarium with a terrace overlooking St. Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center and then a sit-down 3 course dinner in the ballroom (open bar throughout the reception). Plenty of room in the ballroom to have a DJ/band and dancing. There is another room where one could have the ceremony, too, as well as a library, which made for some fun photo ops.

      Everything was included, except for the cake (although there was a dessert course). People loved the food (well-done classic American stuff). The building is decorated like a Gilded Age townhouse. It's actually the Women's National Republican Club--but there's no red or blue when the money's green. ;)


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        1. I had my reception at Sidecar (part of PJ Clarkes in Midtown, upstairs) and it was absolutely spectacular. We had 87 people total, as well as DJ. It was right around that budget level including alcohol, but potentially a bit higher. It was a perfect place to go after our central park ceremony as it's just so New York, a classic venue. Great raw bar, the champagne and drinks were flowing (most reported offers for new drinks before they were finished with their current one), the service was great and the food was solid. Highly highly recommended. It is slightly less formal than some of the other venues, but depending on how you go about it you can mold it to whatever vibe you want.

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            The "disco" part may rule out many restaurants that don't have a license for that....

          2. My choice is historic Church of the Covenant is located at 310 East 42nd Street, in the heart of Manhattan. They only charge $250 per hour for your wedding and reception with $300 to the officiant unless you have your own. The Hilton Hotel next door can cater your reception nicely and accomodate out of town guests. Aside from that, the church's resources can cater a delicious Italian menu for less $50 per head.