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Aug 23, 2010 10:19 AM

gluten free desserts at auntie em's/eagle rock

i went there this weekend and came home with a gluten free brownie that was out of this world. i find a lot of gluten free desserts are over powered with sugar, but not this brownie. the flavor was amazing and the texture perfect. i'm craving another one now! i wanted to spread the gluten free word, as auntie em's is mostly known for their cupcakes- now us gluten sensitive folks won't be missing out too much.

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  1. Thanks - Nice to know. I recently visited Sweet Arleens in Westlake Village, a cupcake shop whose owner just won the grand prize on Cupcake Wars. She makes a GF bread pudding that's rather yummy and on Sat. she make GF red velvet cupcakes. The GF donuts from Babycakes is quite tasty as well.

    1. thank you. do you know if they're dairy free or just gluten?

      1. i just checked their website and saw this:
        "We now have Gluten/Wheat-Free Walnut Brownies, Chocolate Chunk Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies with Honey Roasted Peanuts every day, and on Thursdays we feature a Gluten-Free House Dessert."

        i assume this means they make everything in-house, in the same kitchen along with all the other conventional unfortunately those of us with Celiac or who are extremely sensitive won't be able to enjoy them :(

        have an extra one for me!