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Aug 23, 2010 09:45 AM

Hard Hat Report Vol 6

Now that Volume 5 is over 50 posts it's time for a fresh start. This topic concerns itself with bars and restaurants that are about to open in Austin Texas.

Big news: Bouldin Creek, the scrappy little vegetarian coffee house is moving down the street. Due south of La Reyna Mexican restaurant, they're taking over what was some sort of automotive repair shop.

Lots of construction going on on the site right now.

La Reyna Mexican Restaurant
1816 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704

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  1. Anyone know what prompted this move? The current run-down "building" and interesting clientele sprawled all around outside it were what made Bouldin creek Bouldin creek. What is happening to the current location?

    1. Mesa Rosa going in on 620 between 222 and Anderson Mill Roady

      1. Qdoba Mexican Grill going in next to Pok-e-Jo's in great hills. Same center as Elevation Burger, 360 Primo, Texadelphia, and La Madeline. Appears to be the first Austin outpost of the large burrito chain that started in Denver(?).

        1. It's been two Hard Hat Reports since I originally mentioned it, but it seems that Maggie's Cafe on Gracy Farms has finally opened, re-purposing the letters from Gabbi's for the new sign, including flipping the b's into g's.

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          1. re: ret3

            Has anybody been there? Any good? I was very disappointed in Gabbi's the 2 times I went there.

            1. re: danny_w

              My wife and I stopped in last night it give it a try. The interior has been redone in bright yellow with kites and whirligigs of various sorts hanging from the high front half of the ceiling and an eclectic collection of art on the walls which keeps the color choice from being overwhelming. The lady who waited on us was sharp, attentive and pleasant. As I usually do in new local restaurants, I went with iced tea to ensure continuous refills, while m'lady incautiously went with a soda, which are served by the can.

              While others differ, I always liked Gabbi's burgers and dogs, in particular their guac burger. By way of comparison, I tried Maggie's guacamole cheeseburger, touted as being 1/2 lb,cooked-to-order with your choice of cheese (swiss, cheddar, colby, provolone, or pepperjack, if memory serves) plus mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. I opted for medium-well with pepperjack, hold the lettuce and mayo, plus a side of their hand-cut sweet potato fries. The patty was slab-sided and very fine-ground, which makes me think it was a frozen restaurant-supply burger. Nonetheless, it proved pleasantly moist, if not especially hearty, with tasty bits of charred edge here and there. The guac came in a small cup on the side, enough to make a layer over the whole bun, which was toasted and not too airy. A good overall flavor experience, although not Gabbi's. The sweet potato fries were small and thin, fried dark, but not greasy, and with much less sweetness than I've found most to have. My wife ordered the chicken strip basket, which consisted of three very large planks of chicken breast, very juicy with a good home-style breading and and solid flavor. This came with fries, which were OK, and unremarkable apart from the single freakishly huge fry that spanned the length of the basket.

              The menu featured a broad assortment of other dishes, including a reuben which I recall carrying a boast about it's quality I'll have to investigate on another visit, as well as ribeye steaks, fish, and wings.

          2. "egg roll express" grand opening in the NW.
            it's in the same block as chipotle at the parmer and mcneil complex that also houses woodrow's.
            from my brief glimpse at it, it looked more food shui than panda express.

            not sure if it's related to the one on pond springs.
            i could not for the life of me load the website i found,

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            1. re: dinaofdoom

              It was slow but it finally loaded for me. Looks interesting.

              1. re: danny_w

                the prices look really reasonable, and the "my-fry-stir-fry" set up is just like the part of the menu i order from at food shui.
                this place is much closer to my home and work so i gotta try it out.

                1. re: dinaofdoom

                  FYI - tried to go today with the lunch crew. There's no tables in the is take-out only. Went to Whataburger instead. I was willing to order to go and take it over, but the 20 min wait for food made it impractical. I'll have to figure out how to try it later.

                  So, be warned - it is takeout only.

                  1. re: rudeboy

                    thanks for the update.
                    eh, that is kinda sucky but it was a toner cartridge place before that so it is super small.

                    i work at parmer and riata so it's a perfect spot for us to pick up a lunch or grab something on the way home.