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Aug 23, 2010 09:27 AM

Edmonton RROTM - September discussion

So I basically copied and posted the original post from August, since we ended up skipping August completely. I'll post the results on Sept 3, prior to the start of the long weekend.

Something to ask you all: do you want to really keep doing RROTM? It doesn't seem like there is much participation from month to month. I know I'm as guilty as anyone else of not participating as I should.

Here is the current suggestion list for September. Anyone have any preferences to remove or add restaurants? We have had one suggestion in the past to take out Zinc; if there is an additional vote for that I will remove it from the list.

Tao Signature
Kamil's Turkish Cafe
Vita Bella

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    1. re: anonymoose

      I love the idea, but it doesn't work... probably not worth the effort to organize it.

      1. re: Dan G

        Thanks for the reply Dan. Since no one else seems to be interesting in participating anymore, I'm going to stop doing it.

        Maybe we can bring it back sometime in the future.

    2. Thank you, anonymoose, for your work on this. I love reading the reviews, but we just don't end up going out enough to be able to participate regularly.