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Aug 23, 2010 09:27 AM

suggestions for Vancouver restaurant dining with dog in tow

The in-laws are arriving this afternoon and we plan to go out for dinner. However, they have a rental vehicle and a 9-month old labradoodle who's a country dog and not used to city noise and busyness, and our place is very small and we can't leave the dog alone there. Can anyone suggest a restaurant that might have a nice patio from which we could keep an eye on the dog if we tie his leash to a nearby tree or railing? To make this a little more complicated it would be nice to dine at a restaurant that isn't a chain (i.e. Earl's, Cactus Club) and that has a somewhat more interesting menu. Several places on Commercial Drive come to mind but is there anything that fits the bill on the west side of Vancouver (their B&B is near Alma). Thanks for all suggestions.

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  1. Here are two recent topics that might help. The Granville island Hotel would be a lovely spot to sit out with doggie in sight and the Cat's Social house would do (both Granville Island), but I'm not sure the food will be wonderful. I think you could have a dog in view at the University Golf Club seeing as you're in the area, but again not sure if you'll love the food. Now Go Fish could work well, you'll get great food and if you can find a spot on their tiny patio the dog won't be far away tied to a signpost or something, but even better is to plan for a wee picnic and head 25 meters up the hill up a short flight of stairs and up there is a tiny park with a nice view of the city and space for pooch. The Galley at Jericho would be fun, but the dog would be quite far away, although totally visible (note there is a nice off leash area west of Spanish Banks, so it would be a tired dog).
    Sorry, I just realized this is a little late for your time line, so let me know what you found.


    Note that Altro buca is now Adesso - i am not sure what became of the patio.

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      We're still undecided but thanks for the suggestions!

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        Smoking Dog Bistro near Burrard and 1st.
        Also Provence or Enigma or even Burgoo on 10th out towards UBC - all have patios where you can tie up the puppy.

        Smoking Dog Bistro,The
        1889 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6J 5B8, CA