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Aug 23, 2010 07:42 AM

Black Horse Tavern, Winchester (REVIEW)

Went to the newest restaurant in Winchester last evening for dinner, the Black Horse Tavern. After hear mixed reviews, I wanted to check it out myself. The one word to describe the restaurant, is uninspired.

The restaurant, which was built, where 3 store fronts used to be, right below the Winchester Communter rail station, is extremely small. We arrived right when the restaurant opened at 4:30, and all of the tables were filled within 10 minutes. The 'waiting area' is actually 6 chairs right next to the first table in the dining room.

This type of restaurant, a local comfortable dining experience, is soemthing that has been lacking in Winchester, an overly pretendious town, for quiet a while. With Tavern in the name, I expected a nice homey feel of a restaurant, with solid staples of tavern dining, with some potential local twists.

The menu consists of roughly 10-12 apps, 4 salads, 6 burgers, 6 dinners, and 5 pizzas.

We started with the garlic hummus platter, which includes, crispy pita chips, feta cheese, kalamata olives, and sliced red bell peppers. The appetizer was very fresh and nice, the hummus was obviously homemade and a nice way to start the meal.

My entire party all order burgers. The burgers themselves were very plain and lacked seasoning. The buns they were served on were extrememly firm and they too had no flavor to them. The Gorgonzola burger I had, had gorgonzola, crispy onion strings and applewood bacon. The surprising thing for this sandwich was the total lack of flavor. The cheese itself had very little body to it, leading to a very bland taste. This is the first time that I have had gorgonzola that had such little flavor.

The service at the restaurant was ok. The hostessed seemed to be checking in with dinners an inordinate amount of times, potentially based on other reviews.

Overall, a very poor dining experience. Maybe they need some more time to get into their groove, but first impressions are key and this one left a lot to be desired.

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  1. We were there last weekend. Sat at the bar, got burgers, too., They were very bland just as Nate says - really need to season properly in the kitchen, guys. Fries were quite good, although they were all the little short ones - how does that happen? Kitchen also seemed overwhelmed by the opening rush but hopefully they will get over that. Pizza looked good and we'll try it again.