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Aug 23, 2010 06:49 AM

Involtini in Calgary - anyone tried it yet?

Just wondering if anyone has tried Involtini Italian restaurant, before I venture way down there (for me).

Looks interesting - here's the website:

I missed the Groupon special for this, so that really annoyed me (


Groupon is new for Calgary, and I'm hoping a few more restaurants take advantage of this!

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  1. We ate there tonight. Started with complimentary bread w/olive oil & balsamic. arguably the best bread I've ever had, then shared Caesar salad, which was crispy, garlicy and yummy. next to Calamari with tzatziki, which was light tender and crispy. House red (can't recall the grape) was better than passable. sadly husbands gnocchi was underdone and not el dente. my surf and turf , beef with provolone, crab and lobster was incredible. low key crowd, casual atmosphere. I think most expensive entrée was $30.00. would go there again but bypass the gnocci

    1. We were there a couple of years ago and enjoyed a nice meal, solid and good but not outstanding. Calamari was excellent but I forget the rest of the meal....