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Aug 23, 2010 06:33 AM

The Cheese Guy

Recently saw the products in Fairways in Paramus. Have never heard of this cheese before, but they sell parmesan for $10 (for a very small block). Weird thing was that the had a hologram OU stuck onto the packaging, can't remember ever seeing this beforeexcept maybe sometimes on Cabot cheese at Pesach. Has anyone heard of this cheese? Is the OU sticker reliable? Is the cheese good?

Here is a link to the products:

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  1. Don't know if this is the place to place this post, but... We just came back from Israel and had an unbelievable cold Buffalo yogurt soup. Is kosher buffalo cheese/yogurt available in the States?

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      Unfortunately not. There's a "water buffalo" dairy farm in Vermont that had considered the possibility, but nothing yet.

    2. I bought two chunks at Eden Gardens in South Orange, NJ, while visiting family last month. It is quite good. Not as good as the Italian wedges I schlepped home from Machane Yehuda market, but miles better than the tasteless, shredded Millers, or any other main-line manufacturer, which is all we can get here in St. Louis.

      Sugar River also makes a parmesan, but I haven't tried it yet. Their other cheeses are delicious.

      1. You can go onto the "OU" website and do a product search. You'll find the products that are certified.

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          I do enjoy cheese and recently I've been very happy about the new varieties of cheeses available. Here in Soth Florida (yes, I know, everyone else in this board is from New York) :)... we are finding a large variety of cheeses. For about a year I've enjoyed a great Manchego from Spain, Cholov Israel, as well as varieties from many other places in Europe. They make the historical USA kosher cheese brands taste so bland and rubberish... Sort of thinking Manischewitz as the only wine some years ago

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            We have been enjoying the Cheese Guy's goat cheddar that my son brought home from NYC at winter break. He bought it at either Fairway or an upscale kosher shop on the upper East Side (where he goes to tutor a student). Absolutely delicious.
            Now we just need to get someone here in St. Louis to carry The Cheese Guy's products!
            Thanks, p.j.

          2. I've never seen the parmesan in Fairway, but I did buy a goat cheese that was about $10. It came in a very small square brown cardboard box and it was marked with an OU. Didn't like it though- I threw it out after several of us each tasted a bite.

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              sounds like the barkanit brand of goat cheese

            2. BS"D

              It's actually made in Kentucky, of all places, and it's real. It's a special OU run. My mom brought some when she came out for Shavuos. She lives in Louisville.