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Aug 23, 2010 06:28 AM

Airplane food

I don't know that this question is strictly speaking part of this board, but I figure I'd get the most people who keep kosher here.
I am flying Continental to Israel in the upcoming future. For the first time I am going in the bus/first cabin. When you look at the dinning menu it sounds like something special... Is my kosher food going to be matching the non-kosher for quality and presentation? Or am I getting your basic defrosted tray? (I generally bring my own food).
Thank you

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  1. Usually the airlines have an upgraded frozen kosher meal for first and business class passengers. Some of them are even served on new china; it all depends on who the meal provider is and how much the airline wants to pay for your meal.
    Have a safe trip!!

    1. On a Singapore air flight from New York to Singapore in business class there was more food, but it was basically still airline food. Which of course looked even worse compared to the food everyone else had(instead of the standard coach food). As Chicago Maven said it may depend on the airline/flight and your flight to Israel may have better luck, but I would bring food to be prepared. Worst case you will be pleasantly surprised and won't eat the food you packed.

      1. Thank you very much... It is not surprising. Let's try to see if I can get something more specific... Continental flight 84 (EWR-TLV) ... Thanks again

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          If you are able to find out who the food service provider is for Continental at Newark Airport and contact them, they may be kind enough to tell you what company provides them with the business class kosher meals for Continental and what type of meals you can expect.
          The very best thing to do however, is to take the advice of Avitreck and bring a backup. On El Al you at least know that you will get kosher food, good or bad, but on any other airline you are taking a chance.

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            I would highly suggest cross posting this to the Yahoo Group, TeaneckShuls.

          2. So you're going from EWR to TEL.
            Continental has a very strong presence in that market.
            The food is catered to "cater" to the needs of those individuals.
            If you are concerned, do what the others suggested all the way around.
            Just as I'd do if I had special needs or food restrictions.
            I always carry a back up as my blood sugar drops quick.
            It's not the same thing for you I realize however, bringing your own [just in case] is the best idea anyway. You can always toss it if not needed.
            Ask them to give you an ice bag if it needs to be kept cold, they will.