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Aug 23, 2010 06:11 AM

Where to buy Servil Blanc wine in Bergen County

You can't order wine by mail and get it delivered to New Jersey . I really don't want to go into NYC.
I actully like Bully hill which is cheap $6.99 but no one in the Pascack Valley area seems to have it or any other New york Servil Blancs Help!. It' s a grape developed by Cornel Univ. and comes from the Niagara region

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  1. There is a wine shop in Tappan NY (on the nj border) called Grape D'vine. He has a great selection and fair prices. If he doesn't have what you are looking for he does try to get it for you. Perhaps give him a try?

    1. Don't you mean Seyval Blanc? If so, it is a French-American hybrid (not developed at Cornell, BTW - maybe you are thinking of Cayuga?) which stands up well to the rigors of cool climate viticulture. Besides Bully Hill, the NY wineries that make it probably don't distribute much in NJ. Go to and put in Seyval Blanc and NJ and see what comes up. Maybe some NJ wineries make it?

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        thank i thing the shoprite in pearl river might hve it as well i'm going to check

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          If you enjoy Seyval Blanc, go for it, but I think that you can find Sauvignon Blancs and Chardonnays and other wines for $7-20 that are much better varietals. Go to a great wine shop and ask for help from a knowlegeable store employee.

      2. There are many PA wineries making Seyval Blanc, but I wouldn't waste my money on it. For $10-$15 there are some great New Zealand sauvingnon blancs out there.

        Wine-Searcher Pro only brings up one Seyval Blanc in NJ and that is at Budget Bottle in Summit. It is an '04 from Four Sister's Winery...if I had to guess, it's probably not all that great, but it might fit the bill for you.

        Have you checked any of your local Canal's stores? I know I have seen the Bully Hill wines there in the NY section when I have been looking for Finger Lakes riselings... -mJ

        1. I've seen Bully Hill in local stores. Go to the winery website and find the local distributor. They could tell you which stores carry it in your local area.

          Also, I've had wine shipped into NJ. Is it a new law that it cannot be shipped into the state?