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Aug 22, 2010 11:25 PM

Hong Kong please !! Kindly review 3 French Michelin star restaurant in HK

I have an opportunity to visit HK and decided to joy my experience with some michelin star restaurant. I have 3 in minds so please kindly review in term of foods and price for Caprice, L'Atelier and Amber.

Thank you...

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  1. Amber is one place that I go to every I'm in town, especially for their great Saturday wine lunches. For ~100 USD you get a great multi-course lunch pair with some interesting wines. Their sommelier Patrick, is very nice and helpful

    Caprice; has one of the best views of the harbor, a superb wine list, french focused, and cleanly executed dishes. For me it was their desserts and butter quality, yes it is important, that stood out. ~350 USD for 2 people with a bottle of chateauneuf du pape blanc

    L'Altelier; i have not visited but a few friends i know gave it high marks.

    I do have a preference for Amber due to QP Ratio (quality and price), but Caprice does take the edge on overall food quality.

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      IMO, Caprice offers the 'whole' package topped off with a magnificent harbourview. Food leaning more towards classical than nouveau French.
      L'Atelier, I find a bit claustrophobic. More 'funky' plate presentation than Caprice with a bit of molecular technique thrown into the mix. Compare to Tokyo's Michelin 2* L'Atelier, HK's L'Atelier is more like a 1.5 star!
      Amber is more similar to Caprice than L'Atelier but, compare to Caprice, the food is less refined and slightly rough with an edge. However, still prefer it over the other Michelin 2*- Petrus.