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Aug 22, 2010 09:57 PM

How are you using your jams and preserves?

I've been in a canning frenzy this year, but as I arrange my jars in the garage with the jars left from past years the harsh truth is sinking in. There's no way I'm eating all of this jam in my one a day PB&J. So, what are the best uses you've found for jam?

-I made a grilled chicken with spicy peach sauce and grilled peaches (food network, I think) that was really, really great.
-Improvised peach french toast this am: half a jar of peach jam mixed with milk, egg. Mixed another dollop with maple syrup and heated it up. Also good.
-thumbprint cookies are an old favorite.


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  1. I put a raspberry/rhubarb jam into my vanilla ice cream as a swirl. The peach jam will make a nice layer in a cake. I did a savory tomato jam, and I think it'll be really good thinned with some more vinegar and used as a glaze, or with goat cheese.

    1. There are so many great thigs to do with jams and preserves. I like to mix a little bit in with some plain yogurt or cottage cheese. Here are some of my favourite recipes that use jam/preserves.

      Apricot-Glazed Sweet & Sour Chicken With Sage

      Classic White Layer Cake With Raspberry-Almond Filling


      Gateau Basque (French Custard or Jam Tart) - You need a thick jam for this one.

      Linzer Cookies

      Also, check out this thread from last year for some great ideas: