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Aug 22, 2010 08:34 PM

Coffee with cream...taste better when the cream goes in first!

My non-scientific study proves to me and my demented circle of friends & family that coffee taste better with cream in first, then pour the coffee..seems creamier and richer.
Are we just all insane, or do you find the coffee more creamy too?
; )

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I can't necessarily taste a difference, but I do usually put cream/milk in first, especially on weekdays. I do it while the coffee is brewing so that when it's ready I can just pour it into the cup and head out the door, rather than digging for the cream, pouring, and putting it back. Shaves a good 32 seconds off my morning routine. Also depending on the cup, the pouring of the coffee into the cream will often distribute the two pretty evenly together, and then I can just give the cup a little swirl and not mess with a spoon.

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        Deffo cream first. Red Smarties taste better than the other colours too. Just sayin'.

      2. I don't drink coffee myself, but my father - who was not normally a picky man about much of anything - taught me to make him a cup of coffee by first putting in sugar, then the cream, and the coffee went in last. In that order, always, and he could tell if I changed that.

        Coffee was perhaps the only thing he was selective about in this way. For years we all thought he loved coconut (the rest of us all hate coconut) because he would always eat the coconut candies in a box of candy. In fact, we would save them for him, because we thought he liked them.

        Turns out he hated coconut and was only eating them because no one else would and his depression-era sensibilities would not allow him to throw food - ANY food - away.

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        1. re: ZenSojourner

          That's a sweet story about your Dad. (no pun intended!)

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            Oh my gosh I love love love that story!

          2. I'm another milk/cream before the coffee - it tastes different to me too.

            1. i put in my sweetener and cream first, not because i think it tastes better, but because then i don't usually need to stir. :)

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              1. re: jujuthomas

                Oh he still needed to stir - as Paul Harvey would say, "And now for the REST of the story!"

                The rule was to fill the cup 1/3rd full of sugar.

                Then another 1/3rd (to 2/3rds full) of cream.

                And finally the coffee, which was percolated and strong enough to get out of the pot by itself. If any of you have ever used a percolator, you may remember the sludge that sometimes builds up in the bottom? Well he would take that and put it in a glass at the end of the day, and then pour it back in the pot the next morning.

                Sort of like coffee starter I guess. It must have supercharged the coffee. Pretty sure he needed all that cream and sugar.