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I posted this afternoon and the post dusappeared so I am trying again to see what would happen.
Grilled beef tenderloin:
My wife's portion-medium well
My portion- grilled on the outside but tasted like steamed to totally well done on the inside.
Another guest at our table gave her dish to her husband because it was inedible.

Based on that, they will not be getting a job to cater for a large professional meeting next spring.

So disappointed.

Daniel et Daniel
248 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

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  1. "guest at our table gave her dish to her husband because it was inedible."

    That's not very nice to give your husband something that is inedible, no matter how hungry he is. I go to tastings often for weddings and events and D&D is one of the most consistent in town.

    1. This place is a joke... I don't understand how they get any business.

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        My one and only encounter with them was about 4 years ago. They were so rude I vowed never to return. We stopped in a few days before christmas looking for some unique items for our new years eve party/dinner. I guess they were in the weeds at the time but that doesn't excuse their attitude or behaviour. They pretty much told us to take a FF if we expected to place an order for NY this late in the game.

        I ended up at my usual haunts: Summerhill Market, Patachou, Cumbrae's, the Five theives and was able to get everything I needed and more.

        Daniel et Daniel sucks! I've never known anyone to use them actually, and besides that, nothing in the shop or menu appealed to us. I don't think I'm missing out.

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          I went to a wedding last night catered by Daniel et Daniel. The food wasn't amazing, but it was pretty good wedding food. I would certainly give them a shot for catering in the future.

          Daniel et Daniel
          248 Carlton St, Toronto, ON M5A, CA

      2. This is too bad. I've worked with them many times for large professional events (400 plus people) and have always had a good experience.

        There are many good caterers in this city so just keep looking. You'll find one that fits your needs without too much trouble.

        1. I have been to many events where D&D has catered. The food has always been passable,, not very good, not very bad, not even particularly interesting.

          You could claim this is because of what the hosts have chosen as menu items, but after 20+ events, it can't *always* be the hosts.

          From what I understand, they are also very expensive (according to commentary by hosts), so expensive and mediocre, to me, means I would never have them cater an event

          1. In the first place, the OP doesn't state the circumstances under which they had D&D. Were they at a catered event or was it take-out from their store and reheat at home?

            Secondly, anyone who goes to their store less than a week before a holiday expecting them to say they can still accommodate is going to be let down. They won't say yes unless they can deliver quality. I respect them for this. I would rather go without. I see other companies that don't subscribe to this style. They're easy to spot. Just look for the under/over-finished appearance of the food during any holiday rush.

            Lastly, hubby and I have D&D regularly both catered and take-out. We've enjoyed every experience to one degree or another. In fact, we're amazed at their consistency.

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              With all due respect, I beg to differ Googs.

              After all any good caterer should be booked over christmas, but what sets them apart is how they handle this business. I get it was Christmas, big deal. They should be prepared and able to handle the pressure. If even to turn business away, they could have been professional about it. They were clearly frazzled and it showed. I was not impressed and would have been leary to give them my business even if had they been in a position to accept it.

              I can say that Summerhill Market asks only 24 hours for orders all year round.