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Can you dice bell pepper and onion and store them in the fridge for a couple days?

or will it go brown/turn bad quicker than if they were left whole? Thank you!

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  1. For a couple of days... sure. Longer if they were in a foodsaver bag under vacuum.

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      FoodSaver instructions say NEVER vac seal raw onions, garlic, or mushrooms due to the possibility of botulism spores growing in the oxygen-free atmosphere. If you are going to FoodSaver them they should be cooked first.

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        I guess that would extend to anything that comes in contact with soil

    2. They will begin to degrade more quickly than when left whole, but stored few days at a low temperature, well-wrapped, and they should be fine.

      1. You can and you can also chop & freeze them to pull out later.

        1. I frequently prep 2 dinners at a time, so peppers and onions (sometimes mushrooms, celery, and whatnot) are washed and chopped in our fridge. If you let bell peppers sit for 3-4 days they do start to dry out around the edges, but I've never had them turn brown or go bad due to prepping unless they were in questionable condition to begin with.

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            odkaty, did u mean leaving bell peppers 3-4 days out in room temp? and were they open (sliced, diced, etc.)? I was actually wondering, b/c that is my own question if that is safe or not. I left my sliced bell peppers out overnight. The only thing I'm concerned about is.. is it still safe to consume when a whitish film that looks like air exposure is present?

          2. Yes, i just did. I chopped peppers and onions for a chili and refrigerated them for 2 days with no ill effect on the chili. It did stink up my fridge though.

            1. I've done that before & kept them in Ziploc bags, but only for a couple (as in TWO) days. After that, they quickly go soft (as in bad soft), & sometimes with the peppers - fuzzy (and ALL fuzzy is bad).

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                I actually had them in a stainless steel pan with a lid. (I was planning on blanching them, but I realized you can just stick them in the freezer freshly diced). I got sidetracked and they were in that pan for the rest of that day and overnight. They are in the freezer now, but I'm unsure if I should use them, b/c some of them smelled (which I discarded) and some of them were fine, but they all had that shiny, whitish, vein-looking film on the inside. (I rinsed the remaining good ones THOROUGHLY before freezing). Since some of them smelled, would all of them be considered bad since they were all together?

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                  In that case, I'd frankly toss all of them.

                  For the price of pepper & onions, I wouldn't be willing to take a chance. In addition, preservation re: canning OR freezing, is highly dependent on just using the cream of the produce crop.

              2. Be sure to use a container with a tight seal, or a thick zipper baggie to prevent the onion smell from getting into everything else. A few days is fine - if they get moldy or mushy you'll see it. Toss them if that happens.

                If you are planning on cooking with the reserved vegetables, freeze them in freezer baggies. That breaks cell walls so even without thawing, they will cook faster than fresh. You can break off as much as you need from the frozen mass, returning the rest to the freezer.

                1. will you be using them cooked? just cook them off and store them that way. they will last much longer.

                  1. If you see it in the frozen foods aisle @ the market- then you can do it in your freezer. As well.

                    1. i'd leave the bell pepper whole in the fridge, and i'd leave the onion OUT of the fridge. it seems like the cut on day of use option is clearly superior.

                      cutting even two days in advance causes loss of their quality -- the peppers get soft around the edges and the onions (which you've had to cover, of course) take on a strong, acrid scent that you don't get when they are fresh-cut.

                      1. I often cut up more peppers and onions than I actually end up using, in which case I have no problem storing them in the fridge, in a plastic container, for a few days before using them. Sure, the quality is superior if they are used when freshly cut, but the degradation I notice - usually just some drying out - is never so much that I would consider them unusuable.

                        1. Whole Foods and lots of grocers sell chopped raw onion and other chopped raw veggies in plastic deli containers and they last a good week. There is a sell by date on them as well.

                          1. This is doable but the flavor of the onion starts changing (oxidation) when it gets cut, and the pepper can start getting wet/slimy on the edges. When I cut these for use a couple of hours ahead tor example to put on salad there is a noticeable degradation, so I prefer to fresh cut.

                            If you are cooking the items, these issues are not as noticeable as when you are using fresh. So I guess my advice is to cut fresh if you are using fresh and if you are going to cook with the veg, a couple days in the frig wont have too much of a bad effect.