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Aug 22, 2010 06:41 PM

Dessert to pair with Pedro Ximenez?

I'm hosting a sherry tasting in October. I'd like to serve a dessert with the Pedro Ximenez (not cheese or dried fruit).

Searches have brought up suggestions for chocolate, white chocolate, orange desserts, and crema Catalana (which I don't like). I'd appreciate any thoughts. I also found a few desserts on Epicurious that I'm toying with, and I'd appreciate thoughts on those, also.
-I have actually made this one. I thought it was o.k., but my guests loved it.

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  1. Which PX? Are you serving the amber one that you can find for around $15 or are you serving an older vintage (71, 72, or 75) from Albala that is the color of motor oil? If the latter, bread pudding. If the former, your recipes seem fine.

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      1. re: CathleenH

        I think the recipes you are considering will all work. FWIW.

        It's not going to be as rich and syrupy as Albala's vintage bottlings. But it will pair fine with what you make.

    1. We had a 1959 Albala PX a couple weeks ago. I paired it with baklava, salted roast cashews, and vanilla ice cream. PX goes fine with vanilla ice cream, seriously! Chowhound had a recipe of the day recently that looks intriguing. I've not tried it yet but it's on the list, especially with some flavored marscopone cheese slathered on.

      1. Why pair??

        Why not make the wine part of the dessert?

        Vanilla icecream, pour over the PX

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          Sounds very nice. Might even add a few sugared walnuts or candied orange peel or both.

        2. Dried fruit desserts, especially. Or a combo of dried and fresh fresh. Panforte, especially, but also other dried fig or other dried fruit cake.

          Flavors: Orange peel, candied orange peel, citron. Caramel works especially well also.

          I did have some exquisite Burdick handmade chocolates as a gift -- e.g., chocolate with orange, chocolate with cumin and lavender -- and the PX was exquisite with them as well.

          Just make sure the dessert is less sweet than the wine.

          1. Just make sure the wine is sweeter than the dessert and you should be fine with anything.