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Aug 22, 2010 06:39 PM

Take out in the old port

Hi everyone,

I"m staying at the Delta hotel in the old port next weekend and I'm looking for any restaurant that delivers, or a restaurant for take out near by. Any suggestions?


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  1. Are you staying at the Delta on University? That's in what they call the International District. It's close to downtown and Old Montreal, but a bit far from the Old Port. There's not much take out there. Most non-fancy places are open for lunch and often only weekdays. I worked around there a few years ago and decent delivery options were few and far between on weekdays and non-existent on weekends. I don't know if things have changed much.

    You could always use À La Carte Express although it's not very good value, or ask your concierge for some take-out menus.

    1. Ditto what SnackHappy said about your actual neighbourhood - Delta University is not the Old Port, but is close to Old Montreal and down the hill from downtown. Here's a thread that might help:

      Restaurant delivery suggestions for Montreal (Old Montreal)?

      1. A la carte is pretty bad value...

        A few places that will deliver (though none are fantastic) are Boustan (lebanese pitas and whatnot) , Il focolaio really good pizza, alto for anything (their poutine and fries suck), sandhu for anything, pitarifique for pitas, wok cafe for chinese.

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          marcellos small buffet (average food but you get to choose and take out) has one in bonaventure which is nearby, i commented on branch in guy favreau building a week ago but have not visited this one. Not much takeout in that area.