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Aug 22, 2010 06:22 PM

Looking for recommendations for good bars in the Southwest Suburbs

I am trying to setup a monthly Happy Hour for several co-workers (and former co-workers) after work on Wednesdays.

We're happy to rotate through a few different places, so I'm looking for some recommendations for potentially interesting bars that could handle about 20 people after work on a Wednesday. Our constraints are primarily geographic. Our office is in Norwood, and people live all over the place, so we're trying to keep it within about a twenty minute drive from work, though not south of Norwood, since almost everyone lives north.

We've gone out for drinks at the various new bars and restaurants in Legacy Place in Dedham, and I'm sure something over there will make it into the rotation. The other location we have frequented is Union St. in Newton Center. Beyond these places, I don't know too many places in that general area - I live in Arlington and tend to mostly hang out in Cambridge/Boston, so I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations that anyone might have for other interesting bars in that are that we could check out.


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  1. i have a friend that works in framingham at a large biomedical firm, and they do a night out once a month or so at the british beer company on route 9. the pub is pretty accomodating and should have enough room for twenty or more people. it's a cool and cozy place - good beer list and pub food, the pizza isn't bad either.

    1. Not too long ago there were a bunch of casual happy hour type bars in Norwood center, have you tried those?

      Also- Tahiti on rt1 in Dedham.

      1. Lewis' in Norwood Center, Conrads, British Beer in Wapole, the Halfway in Dedham,

        1. Dedham has Halfway Cafe and Legacy Place: Met Bar & Yard House. Norwood has Martini's on Washington St. Walpole also has Clyde's.