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Aug 22, 2010 05:24 PM

Santa Rosa Seafood Grilled Calamari Dinner at Thursday Night’s Windsor Farmers Market

Santa Rosa Seafood offers a line-up of very reasonably priced, cooked-to-order dishes at the summer time Windsor Farmers Market on Thursday nights. This is in addition to the range of fresh seafood sold at its stall. Here’s the August 5 menu.

Seeing these golden brown calamari “Frisbees” sizzling on the grill, I had to order a dinner for myself. I’d also noticed several in the crowd nibbling on these, cut into slices and eaten out of hand like pizza.

The fresh calamari steak with garlic butter, capers and scallions comes with a choice of shrimp salad (or pasta) for $10. I would ask for less Louis dressing next time, but the bay shrimp were as good as it gets on market greens. The calamari steak was great with a not-too-thick browned, crunchy breading, well-seasoned, and sweet with freshness.

Next week is the last edition for 2010 of the Thursday night market on the Windsor Town Green.

Santa Rosa Seafood
946 Santa Rosa Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Windsor Farmers Market
Market Street (at Windsor River Road), Windsor CA 95448, USA

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  1. The night market opened for the season last Thursday with a concert in the Town Green. Mostly a prepared food venue now, there were less than a handful of stands selling fruit or veggies to cook at home.

    Since today's National Lobster Day,
    I'll share the photo of the two giant lobster claws ($8), cracked and drowned in garlic butter, from Santa Rosa Seafood. Whole lobsters, cooked, are $15 but the whole ones were already sold out. A little overcooked, but still quite a treat on this warm night enjoyed outdoors.