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Aug 22, 2010 04:32 PM

German/ Swiss deli in Orlando ?

Just moved from Colorado to Orlando and looking for some Knockwurst, Thomy Senf, Schweizer Käse usw.
Is there a Store close to Orlando?
Please help

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  1. You may want to try the International Market & Deli at 815 N. Mills Avenue, just north of Colonial Drive (a major intersection near downtown Orlando). Their phone number is 407-228-2821. They specialize more in Russian, Polish, and other Eastern European meats and groceries, but they might have some of those things (or know where to find them).

    Beyond that, Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe in Sanford is known as the best German restaurant in Central Florida, and they definitely have knockwurst and other wursts:

    Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe
    205 E 1st St Ste D, Sanford, FL 32771

    1. Check out Polonia in Longwood -- they have a deli in addition to the restaurant where we recently had some wonderful garlicky sausage --

      Polonia Cafe
      750 S US Highway 17 92, Longwood, FL 32750

      1. A GREAT place you might want to try is Yalaha Bakery located at 8210 County Road 48 in Yalaha, FL 34797. It's just outside of Orlando in a very rural area, but SO worth the drive!

        The bakery has lots of German-style pastries, and their deli stocks various German meats, sausages, etc. In fact, they'll make up custom sandwiches for you, as well as salads, that you can eat inside or outside.

        The line of customers can get pretty long for the bakery side of the building, but the deli / restaurant side isn't too bad.

        Get there early for the best selection. Hope this helps!!!

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. The Willow Tree Cafe has opened a deli in Sanford- Click on the link on the front page