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Aug 22, 2010 04:28 PM

Top Chef-Just Desserts

So what does everyone think about the latest TC franchise from the ads being shown on Bravo?

TC Masters turned into something really very enjoyable. But I have to say that i am not a big fan of the dessert shows, especially the incessant dessert Challenges on FN. It just doesn't float my boat. It also seem that they are aiming to be more excessive and decadent than the regular TC as well as the FN dessert shows. To out outre FN, as it were.

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  1. I haven't seen any of the ads; perhaps because I usually only watch Bravo for TC7. I *really* dislike the cake and sugar shows on TFN. I'll probably watch at least one "Just Desserts" to see what it's like.

    1. I'm a food show whore so I'll be in even if it shames me.

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      1. re: chris2269

        Ditto. And combine that with my sweet tooth, I'm in for the full run. Really looking forward to see who will be competing.

        1. re: bcsuka

          Also, I'm also interested in who they'll bring in as judges cause I think the quality of the judging says a lot about the quality of the show itself? When TC snagged Tom Colichio, you knew that it was ultimately going to be a serious food show despite the gas food challenges.

          Will it just be this month's flavor of the month, or are we going to see masters who've fallen out of the limelight as well.

          It would be a terrible shame if somebody like Claudia Flemming doesn't get invited to be a guest judge at some point.

          1. re: hobbess

            According to another article I read, Johnny Iuzinni of NYC's Jean-Georges restaurant is going to be the head judge on Top Chef Just Desserts.

            Of course, pastry chefs rarely have their own restaurants and become big-name restaurateurs, so I don't expect to see as many familiar names on the judging panel.

      2. has just posted about it (linking to the 1st preview of it) and described it as a "Vortex of Sugar-Fueled Crankiness and Sabotage".

        So much for any lingering notions if any that bravo has finished its descent into blatant dramatainment.

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        1. re: huiray

          Great. Deliberate theft/sabotage, name calling....just what I wanted to see.


          1. re: LindaWhit

            Pastry chefs are a different sort of cook - frequently used to working alone, paranoid, perfectionist...we're an odd bunch. Extra drama would not surprise me. I am really curious what the challenges will be and how they manage to do them without recipes.

            1. re: babette feasts

              <I am really curious what the challenges will be and how they manage to do them without recipes.>

              I am curious about that, as well. Or if they WILL use recipes.

        2. I love the Top Chef and TC Masters shows...unfortunately I am not into baking, desserts, etc., so I'm thinking this one won't be for me. Of course, I'll probably watch the first episode just to make sure...

          1. I'm not sure how this ones going to be. I'll definitely give it a fair shot. I'm looking forward to top chef all stars.