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Aug 22, 2010 04:23 PM

What of these places in Berlin??

Hello Berlin CHers!

I'm here for two weeks and have been reading all the posts written about Berlin. I'm loving it here already. I've been so far to I Due Forni (not crazy about it, especially with all the amazing pizza we have in NYC), Backerei Balzer (wonderful pfannkuchen, going back to try more stuff; will go to Konditorei Krautzig tomorrow morning for pfannkuchen and other sweets), Hasir (had middling expectations, very pleasantly surprised), etc.

I want to try a very hearty "German" place that does the classics really well, like wurst, knoedel, rotkohl, kaiserschmarrn, sauerbraten, you know, that kind of thing! I was considering Engelbecken, Marjellchen, among others. What do you all think? I am going to Zum Schusterjungen with a friend on Wednesday as he really wants to go.

I also am interested in Henne, Qadmous, original Cafe Einstein, more middle-eastern, more Turkish, great cakes and German pastries (Konditorei-esque rather than patisserie), great ice cream, great German bread (I got a small loaf from Beumer and Leuter and it is really dense and chewy and lovely!), great smoked and cured fish, great sausages, etc. Nothing fancy. I want to have what Berlin does best, so no sushi, not too interested in Italian, definitely no French as I will be in Paris for a week after this.

Thanks in advance for all your help. This is a really nice board!

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  1. You have some pretty good choices there already, and I'd like to hear about your experience at Schusterjunge, which should fit the bill of hearty German fare quite well.

    You mention knödel and kaiserschmarrn, which are Austrian. If you're willing to travel, do check out Gasthaus Zum Mitterhofer near U7 Südstern stop (it's on Fichtestr.) -- excellent knödel, fantastic Tyrolean food. Another option for more Southern German / Austrian food is Jolesch, also in Kreuzberg, on Muskauer Str.

    There's also pretty awesome Italian to be had (better than anything I have *ever* had in NYC), so should you change your mind about that, I'd recommend Noodles e Figli which, incidentally, is also in Kreuzberg, and offers a 3-course meal for 23 Euro. Pretty unbeatable, great service, creative modern Italian.

    For smoked, cured, and otherwise deliciously prepared fish as well as a very Berlin lunch experience, head to the west in Charlottenburg to Rogacki. Outstanding fried fish & potato salad as well as sausages and pork knuckle. I ended up eating there 3 times for lunch this summer.

    This should get you started. Guten Appetit!

    PS: From the sounds of it, you're located in Prenzlauer Berg. If you like pastries and dessert, you MUST check out Werkstatt der Süße on Husemannstr. Heaven.

    1. If you're staying in P-berg, check out Rice Queen on Danziger Str. for Indonesian rice table (rijsttafe) which is super tasty and very inexpensive.

      Also in P-berg, the Vietnamese is really good, not to mention the friendly service, at Mr. Long and Friends on Kollwitz Str.

      I've mentioned this place in previous posts, but my favorite German joint is Weltrestaurant Markthalle in Kreuzberg on Puckler str. Everything I've tried on the menu has been excellent.

      Also in Kreuzberg, if you're looking for some basic German comfort food, check out Spatzle Express on Wiener Str.

      1. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

        I go to Schusterjungen tonight, so I'll let you know how it is. I think I will also stop by Bruening-haus afterwards for their kaiserschmarrn with kompott and eis. I'm already drooling thinking of it. That being said, I'm going on a very very long walk today to try and offset all the damage I'll do tonight (and have already done so far!!)

        By the way, I just had to share with you that the apfelballchen at Backerei Balzer are TO DIE FOR. It's the best thing there, I think. I've tried already six pastries from them. I also like their kaesekuchen and kaeseschnecken. And the rhabarber streuselkuchen at Konditorei Krautzig is also AMAZING. Their schnecken were not quite so good though. The pfannkuchen at both places are really incredible too, but I would say go with the apfelballchen all the way. I'm going back every day for those....

        I am also going to go to Opernpalais tomorrow for cake and today will have a coffee at Cafe Einstein on Kurfuerstenstrasse. For the atmosphere.

        Thanks again for all your recs. If I have stomach power left, I would love to try one of the "germanic" places you recommended. I'll report back. :)

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          Roughly where in Berlin are you staying? It might help narrow it down some to give you best food for the shoe leather so to speak.

          1. re: Wayward biker

            Sounds like she's located in P'berg. I've taken that into account, but why not travel to another kiez? After all, nothing in the center is more than half an hour with the subway, and you get to see more of the city that way.

        2. Have you tried KONOPKE (Schonhauser Allee 44A) for what friends describe as THE original Currywurst? while snack sized, it's something of a cultural experience for many not exactly but somewhat on the scale of Pink's out in the LA area.

          Good spot also is the TV Tower - not just a good view but pretty good food as I recall.

          1. If you *must* have currywurst, I'd avoid Konnopke like the plague... there is really good currywurst to be had at bier's curry & spieße below the Friedrichstrasse S-Bahn stop. It's drunk food, really - none of those justify a special trip.

            And the TV tower does offer great views... at the friendly price of admission of 10 Euro. That's on top of any food you'll get there.

            If you want a nice view of the city, check out Deck 5 on top of the Schönhauser Arkaden shopping mall. It's a roof garden / bar. Nice.

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            1. re: linguafood

              I took it from the way friends describe it taht it's not so much the wurst but more the experience of the place - though nobody said it was bad. Just for what it's worth. The other comment was - there's too much that's good in P-Berg, just pick something.

              1. re: Wayward biker

                I've had some pretty bad experiences at a number of places in Pberg. Randomly heading into a resto isn't always the best choice, particularly in an area overrun by tourists.