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Aug 22, 2010 04:17 PM

Cheesecloth (not gauze)

WalMart used to carry packages of like 6 REAL cheesecloths, hemmed, good sized, which I have used for years for all my needs, such as making paneer, draining yoghurt, draining deep fried items, etc etc etc.

These were NOT gauze. They were 100% cotton muslin, and fairly thick. They held up to years of use.

They were in the section with kitchen towels.

Apparently they don't carry them anymore and I haven't found a replacement source. These were inexpensive and so useful.

Anybody have any idea of where to find a similar item?

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  1. You might want to search for some butter muslin. I just bought some not too long ago and, while I don't believe it's hemmed, it is thicker than the thin stuff you find. The brand I have is from the New England Cheesemaking Supply Co.
    I aslo picked up some "natural" cheesecloth (not bleached) at Blood Bath and Beyond. Put out by Regency Naturals and it, too, is thicker.

    1. For years, I've used linen kitchen towels that belonged to my grandmother in lieu of cheesecloth. I've also used (100% cotton) muslin pillowcases (to encase a St. Mary's County stuffed ham) for boiling with good results. I bought these at a discount store of some sort (Ross??? T.J. Maxx???).

      1. In their infinite wisdom and reorganization - they moved them to the hardware section.

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          I'll check again - but what I found there before was the gauzy stuff . . .

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            The cheesecloth sold in hardware stores in usually the gauzy stuff. It is used for wood staining, so I would also double check any hardware store cheesecloth to make sure it is food-safe.