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Aug 22, 2010 03:37 PM

Where's the best beef jerky in Edmonton?

I have no idea about meat (see username lol) but I figured while visiting Edmonton I could get some delicious jerky (beef or bison) to ship to my boyfriend in Afghanistan. Any suggestions? If it's a motivator, right now the guys over there say that a jerky from Ontario is the best, and I know that Alberta can totally beat out anything from Ontario, right?

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  1. Want a tip from your exact opposite? (read username haha)

    The best dried meat is ONLINE. and it's not jerky. It's called BILTONG. It's a south african version that is all natural, air dried and so tasty that I all but had to remove the vendors website from my browsers bookmarks to save money.
    I got it from an old couple in B.C. who sell it online. Just google bilitong canada and you'll find them. The Peri-Peri spiced one is my fave.

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      If in Edmonton, great Biltong can be had at South African deli Betsy's Boerwors.Calgary Trail and roughly 70th avenue? But i do agree with meatnveg - Biltong and Chilibites are way better than beef jerky, and i love beef jerky.

      1. re: yen

        try Buffalo Valley Variety Meats. I think they make there own bison jerky.

        Buffalo Valley Variety Meats
        4211 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 6P3, CA