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Aug 22, 2010 03:12 PM

Taxi Driver Hole in the Wall $5-6 a plate type INDIAN

I am looking for a place with no decor, no waiters, just really bare bones type thing. Hopefully someone has a lead on an under the radar place like this. Many Thanks

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  1. The little place on the opposite side of E Housten St, as Katz's and Russ & Daughters. I can't recall the name, but it's open late and generally is frequented by cabbies

    Russ & Daughters
    179 E Houston St, New York, NY 10002

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      Aren't there more than one over there? There's a downstairs spot too.

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        I think you're talking about Punjab. $2 get's you a huge plate of food. It's vegetarian only, but you'll be suprised what these guys can do with Lentils. Absolutely no decor at all, pretty much redefines hole in the wall.

      2. Punjab? Lahore on Crosby also seems to be what I'm looking for

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          i think you mean lahore, it is on crosby, close to the houston end of it.

        2. Pakistan Tea House comes highly recommended by a friend who says cabbies always line up there.

          Pakistan Tea House
          176 Church St, New York, NY 10013

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            Second Pakistan Tea House. Used to go there for lunch all the time when I worked downtown.

            Pakistan Tea House
            176 Church St, New York, NY 10013

          2. Punjab is at 114 E 1st St (between 1st Ave & Ave A).

            Lahore is at 132 Crosby St (between Houston St & Jersey St).


            I don't think either of these is really that under the radar though.

            1. just go to Curry Hill- Lexington in the 20s. See where the most cabs are parked.

              Curry in a Hurry seems to be a favorite.

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                The Taxi drivers aren't eating in that area the way they used to. There are only 3 cheaper stands left, and Curry in a Hurry is no longer one of them. Haandi is probably the most crowded, and it's not very good. The cheaper take out shops are now located further West, as detailed by others in this thread.