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Aug 22, 2010 02:34 PM

Le Grand Couvert, Troisgros

Has anyone been to Le Grand Couvert, the much simpler restaurant Michel Troisgros opened in Iguerande? I'm drawn to going there (mostly because of an article from The Art of Eating) but have heard mixed reports on the more Maison Troisgros.

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  1. We spent two nights there, staying in one of the cadoles, in July. Dinner at LGC (perfectly rare pigeon) was excellent. The second night we went into Roanne and ate at Le Central, more formal setting but more casual guests and plates. We loved them both.

    The cadoles are comfortably furnished 2 room apartments with good light cooking facilities. We were provided with a half dozen farm eggs, milk, yogurt, butter, cereal, juice and water, coffee etc. so that we could make our own breakfasts. Each evening a basket of fresh bread and fruit was brought to the door. We chose the cadole in the garden, which I would do again. The cadoles are situated so that you have the feeling of complete privacy.

    These are generous hosts.

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      thanks mangeur - for you reply here and on the other topic i posed! the cadoles sound completely idyllic / wonderful.
      do you know any places in france (or italy) that are similar in the sense of great food and funky lodging? we're thinking of starting in Paris for a few days, then heading to the cadoles, and then on to a few other places.