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Aug 22, 2010 01:34 PM


Yelp 22,Chowhound 0

Does anyone have anything to offer? I will be going there Wed. night and would like the real story. Thanks,J

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  1. 22 reviews that are all variants on "I had a sammy as big as my face" are worth about the same as zero reviews on the motherboard.

    That being said I doubt you're talking about the cart Salsa Verde but I've appended a review courtesy of the wayback machine:

    I damn near got myself killed this morning in a headlong rush for a taco cart I'd never seen before.

    I'm riding down Matthews Lane pondering the events of the weekend when I spy the cart on the southwest corner of Manchaca and Matthews.

    Apparently I've developed some sort of autonomic taco cart response which makes me a hazard to myself and those around me.To wit,I crack the throttle wide open,gun it and just sort of hope for the best as far as other vehicles go.Yeah,I blew the redlight and had two different cars go screeching around me as I reinterpreted the Gene Hackman role in French Connection.

    Pulling into the Texaco gas station parking lot I park in front of Salsa Verde and make my way to the order window.This is a breakfast taco joint with only one lunch style offering;Beef Fajita.

    My standard query[are the tortillas homemade]is met with the dreaded no.I'm sure they're nice folks at this point just not very serious about their food.I order two tacos,one bean and cheese and one beef fajita both on corn tortillas.

    5 minutes pass and the counter girl beckons me to the window.I sidle over to a ridge of cement under a nearby tree and begin to feed.

    The Corn Tortillas are ok.A better than average commercial brand,they're served singly and have been heated but not oiled on a flattop.

    The Bean and Cheese taco is non-descript but comes to life after a vigorous salting and application of the lone salsa they serve;a Green.The Salsa Verde proves the sagacity of their naming of the restaurant.It is delicious,one of the best I've had in Austin.It's loose,which I prefer and fiery with chile.It could be Habanero based as it flat sets me on fire.

    I love it.It's the best part of the whole meal.

    The Beef Fajita is chewy and has little flavor.Once again salt and salsa ride to the rescue and make the taco palatable if not delicious.

    Atmosphere is just dandy.A steady stream of patrons at the Texaco make for some good people watching and the constant thrum of traffic on nearby Manchaca is soothing in a big city kind of way.

    Salsa Verde has been open for a month.I chat with Leticia,half of the husband wife team that run the restaurant.Jose is the cook and their daughter is the counter girl.This is a nice,tidy little establishment with decent food.Unfortunately in Austin where we have Taco Carts that shoot for the stars and hit them[Tacos El Rico anyone?]they really face an uphill battle.If I lived in 78745 I would happily swing by as a matter of convenience and my natural inclination to patronize tiny little family run businesses but this is not destination dining for those who live more than two or three miles away.

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      22 reviews that are all variants on "I had a sammy as big as my face" are worth about the same as zero reviews on the motherboard.

      That is why I came here, to get the real story.

      Thank you for your reply?