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Aug 22, 2010 01:27 PM

Italian food store near LIE in Nassau or Suffolk?

Just wondering if there are any sources for fresh mozzarella near the LIE, along the route from Manhattan to Riverhead...or any in Riverhead itself..

Many thanks!

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  1. Well, near the Northern pkwy is Iavarone Brothers:
    Also very close to rte 135, Seaford Oyster Bay expwy and LIE.

    Iavarone Brothers
    729 W Jericho Tpke, Huntington, NY 11743

    1. How about Leo Latticini AKA Mamma's in Corona. Exit north on 108 and it is just a short distance. Left on 47 ave and park at the next corner, 104.

      1. When I go to Nassau (once or twice a year) I have to stop at Razzano's in Glen Cove, it's up at the end of Glen Cove Rd. It's like all of Arthur Ave stuffed into one little store.

        Riverhead, unfortunately I don't think so. Now if you want some good fresh keilbasa or horseradish........

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          These are all great suggestions...I did not realize that Mama's was so close to the LIE. I've never been to that famous place!

          I will look into each of them...Razzano's sounds great, too.

          Last week I stopped at Fairway for fresh mozzarella and it is serviceable, but not nearly as good as DiPalo, for example.

          1. re: coll

            Razzano's is fantastic, but on LI it could hardly be further from the LIE, maybe 30 minutes North...

            I'd stop at Lombardi's Market in Holbrook (1055 Main Street) which is about 5 minutes from exit 61. Huge, busy market connected to very successful restaurant.


            1. re: EZ Pass

              I usually cut off on 107 through Locust Valley so it's not as far out of the way as going down Glen Cove Rd but still a hike. Speaking of the Holbrook area, I forgot DelFiore's in Patchogue and Rocky Point, definitely top notch mozz but again a little out of the way. There's another market on Willis Ave just a bit south of the LIE near Riverbay, on the left, they had a nice selection of everything last time I was there. Not Ceriello's, it's across the street and bigger. And then you have Massapequa, although you'd have to cut south, that's a cornucopia for good Italian provisions. This is my favorite though http://www.primaveraitalianspecialtie... When I'm out on business (i.e. without impatient husband) I love to make all these detours!

              1. re: EZ Pass

                Do you know if Lombardi's make their own cheese?

                1. re: erica

                  I love Razzano's, in fact, I'm there once a week, as I live close by, but Leo's muzzi is the way to go (and Razzano's is far from LIE).

            2. Ceriello in Williston Park is great. Fantastic fresh mozzarella and mozzarella knots - knots of cheese marinated in olive oil with red pepper flakes, etc.. My favorite. A really great shop with aged meats, prepared foods, lots of imported oils, vinegars, pastas. South off the Willis Avenue exit off the LIE.