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Aug 22, 2010 01:05 PM

Finally I have a question....

I've been reading the board for a few months now and am sooooooooooo IMPRESSED with the resources here - with your help and insight - I have been able to convert most of my best recpies to healthier alternatives!!! (being Italian no easy feat I assure you!!)

Here's one I havent come across yet and hope you all can help.... Hubby doesnt like (or can't tolerate, jury is still out on that one) Splenda -- I've even tried the new Truvia - and he still says it's too "fake tasing" for him -

Wouldn't you know I just came across a great chocolate chip cookie bar recipe that calls for Splenda Brown Sugar Blend --

Here's the question, can I use just maybe half the brown sugar - or is there something else I can use that will be a success?

Thanks all for your input :)

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  1. Splenda brown sugar blend is a little different from the regular Splenda in that it's mixed with real brown sugar, thus, with the mix, your husband may not be able to tell the difference. Chocolate chip cookie recipes usually use a mix of granulated & brown sugar; I'd cut back on the granulated, not the brown, if you have to.

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      Sugar is hygroscopic and creates crisp edges so substitutions will change the texture of baked goods. I use a lot of Splenda but always in combination with sugar (a packet and an eighth tsp sugar for a mug of coffee, for example, masks the Splenda aftertaste). In baking, I use half Splenda, half sugar if crispness is involved. If not, a 3:1 Splenda/sugar ratio, figuring 24 packets = 1 cup.

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        You're right but I've scaled back on the granulated sugar in choc chip cookies (as I love sweets but not too sweet) to no adverse texture changes....say 1/2 to 3/4 cup instead of one cup. Good tip, by the way, for masking the aftertaste....

    2. I did a calorie comparison between Splenda Brown Sugar and regular brown sugar when calculating calorie content for making oatmeal. It wasn't drastic. 17 calories for 1 teaspoon of regular brown sugar, 16 calories for 1 teaspoon of Splenda brown sugar. For that, I have decided to only use regular brown sugar - it tastes better and it is less expensive that the Splenda brown sugar.

      1. Why? Is he diabetic? If it is for health, don't use refined sugar. Substitute honey or agave. That other stuff isn't so great, I agree.

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          no not diabetic - just don't want to eat so much junk - and really trying to eat heathier - making small changes with the help of all of you has allowed me to lose 103 lbs to date - and his net loss is 75 thank you so much for that -- I so appreciate it :)