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Aug 22, 2010 12:11 PM

Any Good Onion Rings in South Brooklyn?

Is there any place that serves good onion rings in Brooklyn?

I'm particularly interested in South Brooklyn, anywhere from Dumbo-Park Slope to Bay Ridge-Bensonhurst.

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  1. Best onion rings I have had in recent years are the onion rings at Dressler, on Broadway in Williamsburg. Closest thing I have seen to what were the best onion rings ever, the ones at the old Gage and Tollner.....a sorely missed restaurant.

    1. The Onion Rings served at HEIGHTS CAFE in Brooklyn Heights, just off the Promenade on Montague Street, are consistently good.

      Fresh, and made to order, the thick, batter coated, crispy rounds of crunchy deliciousness are served with burgers if requested instead of fries, and with the scrumptious Texas Meat Loaf, which is worth the trip itself. They are also available as a side order.

      Remember: Cash or AmEx only.

      1. Downtown Bar & Grill at Court and Amity makes a good onion ring.