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Aug 22, 2010 12:08 PM

Fresh San Marzanos

Anybody seen any good San Marzanos? Monterey Market used to get these nice big ones that were ripe and reasonably priced, but the past couple of years theirs have been small and not dead ripe. I've seen some at the Berkeley Farmers market, but they are expensive and small. I want to make a big batch of sauce and don't want to mess with skinning and seeding small tomatoes.

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  1. I think it's still a little early in the season (and it's been cool all summer), so MM might have what you want in a couple of weeks. I also saw some at the El Cerrito market yesterday, but the fruit was, yes, small and underripe.

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      Not to brag, but I just harvested my first crop from my garden. Taste is good, but definitely not as good as most years.

    2. Make Passata. Passing the tomatoes through a Mouli type rotary strainer isn't much work.
      The very expensive canned Ca San Marzanos we used were underwhelming. Seems this terroir doesn't show them off very well.

      4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94602

      1. Saw them at both Temescal and Grand Lake this weekend.

        1. I usually get mine form Mariquita and they said a few more weeks.