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W Burger Bar - Anyone been there?

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My son told me he's heard some good things about W Burger Bar at College and Yonge (he's a self-admitted burger freak). Anyone been there?

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    1. Of all the new-fangled type burger joints I think this one's probably the best.

      1. I liked my pure beef burger quite a bit. Here's a picture: http://cookiesandtomatoes.blogspot.co...
        You can add things like roasted red pepper and garlic mayo free of charge, or others like mushrooms (i think) for a bit extra. My friends had the sliders, which they did not enjoy but my burger was nice, juicy, and tasty. Bigger than Grindhouse and better than the latest Craft Burgers that I've had (I feel like they've gone downhill - esp wrt onion rings) I personally think that it's a decent value compared to the other burger joints. Oh and panko onion rings!


        Big Smoke Burger
        573 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V1M1, CA

        1. Went 3 times with vouchers from Wagjag, enjoyed all 3 burgers. Staff was pleasant, food good. Onion Rings HUGE. Bought a couple of more deals during the last wagjag offer a few days ago. Would recommend it. During the times I went they had various promos for booze (i.e. beer) going on...

          1. We've been to W Burger Bar a number of times and have been really happy with the food and the service. I usually order the bison burger, which is fabulous, and always order the onion rings - thick rings of onion breaded with panko and virtually greaseless.

            I've also had their French onion soup, chili, poutine and veggie burger, and have had a taste of someone else's chicken fingers. Good stuff.

            And there are the nice touches, like many free toppings, homemade buns (choice of whole wheat or white), and spiked milkshakes!

            1. I've had terrific burgers there in the past but the last time I went, my bun was cold. Not room temperature, straight from the fridge cold. This isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things and the burger itself was awesome - cooked to a perfect medium and very juicy. I like their fries and the grilled cheese is decent too - you can add tomato or bacon, which is always a plus in my books. I wasn't too partial to the mac and cheese but it was likely a matter of personal taste - it was oozy Southern-side-dish style rather than my platonic ideal of east-coast mother-baked casserole style.

              1. I've been several times, we live in the hood and it's a solid standby at a reasaonable price point. Not the best burger I've had but has always been decent. There's other things there that make it worth a visit aside from the burger.

                The panko onion rings are awesome and some of the best I've had in the city. Chili has a good spice to it and makes for tasty chili cheese fries. $9 pitchers of PBR. Boozy milkshakes that are amazingly good. Even when the place is jammed, service has always been friendly and on the ball.