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Aug 22, 2010 09:01 AM

Grande Mexico, Plaistow, NH: anyone been?

It's in a little strip mall behind/adjacent to the Heavn'ly Donuts. Just noticed it today. Has anyone eaten there?

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  1. It still has not been completed to open yet, I would love to have something new and different in Plaistow, NH area, but I think this is actually in Haverhill MA

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    1. re: Sherie

      Looks like there is one in HAverhill, but there's also this website:

      That says:
      Welcome to Grande Mexico
      Coming soon to Plaistow NH!!!!

      Now I wonder how far from me it is. :)

      1. re: Sherie

        My wife and I waited until it was open a couple of weeks. Not a big place, it seats about 80. First visit,- seated by an older hostess in Mexican dress, not the friendliest. She sat us at a large booth we shared with people we didn't know. The food was very good. No Domestic draft beer. Salsa sauce was good but only mildly spicey. Waitress was a young American girl who was very nice but not very knowledgeable of the menu as she was new.

        Second visit - Seated by a young Mexican in a booth of our own. Food again was very good. Waiter not very friendly and hoovered waiting to remove dinner ware, sometimes before you were done with it.

        Good menu, good food, lunch is served in 10 mins. or it is free. We got ours in 8 mins. Makes you wonder how much is pre-made. But, it was very good.

        We will go back again. Even if it wasn't the only Mexican Rest. in the area.

      2. I drive by this place every day practically. It is still not open. They seem to be taking their time opening this place. I too am looking forward to it. I would have guessed it was Plaistow...but it is right on the state line so I suppose it depends on which way the wind is blowing.

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          Yeah, that's the one. I was in that plaza on the Plaistow side (Shaws side), but it was early morning, so I didn't even bother to look in. Joe, if you see a "grand opening" sign, please post. I am hoping against hope for an awesome little Mexican place.

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            1. If I could put 2.5 stars, I would. It was just OK. Place was jammed on the opening weekend. Drinks were pretty decent (Hornitos Margarita) and thank god we ordered them right when seated because my empty glass sat there for most of dinner and we were never asked if we wanted a refill or any water. Food was just OK. $10.95 for a small Steak Chimichanga that was more tortilla than steak and a plate full of black beans. You'd think they could have put a scoop of rice on the plate, it wouldv'e cost them about 11 cents to do so. My GF's dish was a touch better due to some good Mole' sauce but wasn't anything to write home about either. Will go back on a weeknight that's not as busy once they have their feet weet, but wasn't all that impressed. The owner and his GF hugging and kissing out in the open was a bit tacky as well.

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              1. re: Boomer Wells

                Boomer, you may want to go back and try it again, they really worked the kinks out. I found the service very good. Our waitress brought me a new glass of my drink before I was even done with it.