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Aug 22, 2010 08:17 AM

Best BBQ in Jacksonville???`

We're up for some great BBQ- Where not to miss??? THANKS

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  1. Here Ya Go.............

    Jenkin's Quality BBQ @ 830 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, FL 904 - 353 - 6388.
    Mo Jo BBQ @ 1607 University Boulevard West, Jacksonville, FL 904 - 732 - 7200.
    Mo Jo BBQ @ 1500 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville Bch, FL 904 - 247 - 6636.

    1. There is no decent bbq in Jacksonville, the best of the bunch however is Mojos.

      Smokin D's at Philips Hwy and 206 in St Augustine is probably the best barbecue restaurant in Florida. Always a line and there is a reason why.

      BTW, anybody reading this that is tempted to try Jenkins BBQ in Jacksonville.....YOU'LL BE SORRY! I'm from Alabama and Jenkins is thee worst Que I have ever had. The shoulder sandwiches are 30% fat, and the sauce tastes like mud.

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      1. re: jtboyd

        It's not that long ago that we ate at "The Pig"...or "Georgia Pig".....which is on Normandy......and it was solid.....Ribs were decent......Pulled pork was also good.......Fried okra wasn't bad either....Not the best that I ever had....but it was solid.....And folks were friendly.......

        Ft. Pierce, FL

        1. re: LargeLife

          haha the lack of responses to this thread tell you all you need to know. Jacksonville is a vast wasteland of bad BBQ restaurants. The Pig is just OK, if you dont mind mustard based sauce, and at least they dont boil the meat like they do at Jenkins.

          1. re: jtboyd

            Funny that you mentioned the mustard-based sauce at The Pig.......I don't care for that style of sauce.....and that why when I go to any BBQ restaurant that I've never eaten at before.....I order the sauce on the side......On that particular day the ribs were smoked nicely and we had a solid experience.......I have friends that work in that neighborhood and eat there regularly and like it.......

            Restaurant BBQ is about consistency.....Doesn't have to be great.....just consistent......And it's difficult because it's not like you can just throw some meat on a grill or griddle and pop out the product in just a few minutes time.......Good BBQ takes time.....And the consumer also has to know when to arrive......You show up noon and you'll get something reasonably up at 2:45 and you'll get leftovers from lunch......

            Ft. Pierce, FL

          2. re: LargeLife

            There is a second location on US1 (Philips Hwy) and Old St. Augustine.

            1. re: ChowDad

              Pulled? The Pig menu doesnt say, thats usually a bad sign.

          3. re: jtboyd

            No decent BBQ?

            While I agree Jenkins is incredibly overrated and has MAJOR quality control issues, Mojos is excellent BBQ, and they do it the right way there.

            My family has competed in BBQ competitions since before I could walk (and won many), and my father loves going to Mojos everytime he visits. Outside of some of the NC legends, Mojos has some of the best pulled pork ever. Occasionally, I've gotten dry ribs there, but that happens occasionally to even the best of cooks. In general, their ribs are spot-on.

            1. re: RHT in JAX

              OK OK, maybe I was a little hasty in judging Mojo’s. I moved to the beach a few years back
              when they were just opening the Beach Blvd store and the comparison to what I was used
              to in middle Tenn and Alabama sort of slanted my views.

              So yesterday I went to Mojos on University today and I have to say it was nothing short of outstanding. The pulled pork was terrific, and as often as I make collard greens at home I cant make them as good as the ones I had there. So I agree, there is ONE good BBQ place in town, Mojos is doing it right, but that’s pretty much it for Jacksonville.

          4. Island Barbecue in Fernandina Beach is very good. Great smoky pulled pork. Try the Island sauce, nicely peppery. Its behind the Hammerhead on S. Fletcher. Open 7 days.

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            1. re: marelyisdead

              Thanks isdead, the next time I've got 3-4 hours to kill I'll drive up to Fernandina and check that out.

              1. re: marelyisdead

                Island BBQ is on winter hiatus. Check back in the spring.

              2. For those that think Jacksonville doesnt have good BBQ joints they dont get out much. Now GREAT bbq? Now that is subject to as much debate as which region has the best BBQ. That will start another civil

                Mojo has excellent BBQ IF you like North Carolina style BBQ..that is apple cider vinegar based suaces. I do not like their bbq sauces. Im partially to the mustard Carolina sauces myself.

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                  1. re: jtboyd

                    One more that's close is Fat Jacks in Baldwin. They have good brisket and they smoke and slice (not sure about pulled pork) pork collar that is tasty. It's worth the drive. I plan to try Mojo's based on these recommendations.

                    1. re: pguidry

                      Thanks pg, I'm going to Atlanta next month and will check that out on the way.

                      On the other hand, his website has a picture of French bread and beer, which
                      is not on his menu. Bad sign. I think I'll just stop at Gator's instead. Chopped and
                      sliced pork only according to the menu.

                1. Jax has some great BBQ places. The wife and I just had Mojos tonight and it was one of the best pulled pork sandwiches I have ever had. We have had incredible BBQ in all the great spots through out NC and Tenn. The best place I have ever had is Atkins BBQ right beside the Suwannee river in Bell FL. Its just a hole in the wall type restaurant but let me tell you brother, once you have had it you will not disagree. Legendary place if you live around that area.

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                  1. re: weswg23

                    I have tried most BBQ joints here. I really think Mojo's rocks and Jenkins sucks. However, the Best BBQ in town is a place in a beat up shopping center called Nicely's in Fruit Cove. Food Lion Shopping Center 445 SR 13 Fruit Cove, FL 32259 (904) 287-2607. Nice char. Great smoke. I eat there at least once a week.

                    1. re: ChowDad

                      Have heard good things about this place. Gonna give it a try this week if I can manage to drive by Clarks.

                      1. re: jtboyd

                        What do you eat at Clark's? I kind of like it, but my family finds the taxidermy creepy.

                        1. re: ChowDad

                          LOL Prime Rib mainly, but I like the seafood too. I guess the decor is something you either love it, or hate it.