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Aug 21, 2010 09:15 PM

Sedona (again) most romantic, best food, view not necessary, or maybe Prescott?

My fiance and I are celebrating a most romantic occasion with a meal in Sedona on our way to Prescott for the weekend, we live in Flagstaff. Since we visit Sedona quite often I don't want to go somewhere with killer views and ok food (i.e. Enchantment) or anywhere in uptown, the rocks are great, but we see them all the time. As I said we're going to Prescott so preferably somewhere in west Sedona. I was thinking of Garland's Lodge perhaps or maybe Dahl and Deluca. Elote is closed, I already checked, romantic ambiance can be put aside for killer carnitas. Anybody have advice or opinions? We don't often eat in Sedona. Or should we try to leave early and eat in Prescott maybe?

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  1. I've had great meals at Enchantment resort but mostly for lunch..or room service.
    Garland's Lodge is a great call or Dahl and Deluca..I like sitting in the bar.
    Too bad Cafe Elote is closed.
    Don't know much about Prescott but we've had great lunches at Asylum at the Jerome Grand Hotel but its been a couple of years.

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      Room service at Enchantment is a whole other animal, lol!

    2. Elote or Garland's Lodge are your best bets, no great food in W Sedona, not sure where the above poster got the idea that Elote was closed, it is very much open (except Mondays). The lndia Palace is quite good also, close to Domino's Pizza on W hwy 89a.

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        Elote is closing soon (from the 29th until the 14th) for vacations; I'm sure that's what she meant.