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Food events (2010)

did anybody go to free annual http://www.dinerenblanc.info/flash/
you can sign up for waiting list for 2011 http://www.montrealgazette.com/Storyb...

until sept. 19, 15 chefs will be showcasing cuisine and rhum of martinique
Durant ce mois gastronomique, 15 chefs vous proposent leurs créations culinaires originales à partir des recettes martiniquaises traditionnelles et confectionnées avec un savoir faire à la Québécoise. Accras, colombo de poulet, blanc-manger coco, blaff de poisson ne sont que quelques exemples des mets typiques de la Martinique qui raviront vos papilles de saveurs exotiques et raffinées......click on restaurants for dates of their special meals

some activities going on in public markets outside of montreal
( reference for montreal markets: http://www.marchespublics-mtl.com/


other activities such as old market next weekend in old montreal and sunday on the farm in september are posted elsewhere

chocolate sculpure competition monday oct. 25 10-5 at complexe desjardins

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  1. We went to the White Dinner (Diner en blanc) and loved it. It was a fun challenge to figure out what to cook for that picnic especially that we didn't know where we were going and needed to be pretty self contained. Everyone has to dress in white (think of it as a disguise) and we had to transport a table, white chairs, real white dishes, glass cups, utensils, a white tablecloth and napkins by bus to the event. here is what we took with us:)

    The most fun part was that it allowed me to try out Keller's Ratatouille recipe.

    I have no picture of the cheese, we had le secret de Maurice. And yes, I did carry a two-tiered serving plate for the dessert. The only thing we missed was that our water for the tea was way too cold by the time we got to it, so we walked accross the street and got water at a hotel.

    1. There is also the Expo Gourmet at the Palais des congres on Oct. 2 and 3.

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        2010 Montreal Oyster festival
        Location:The Pigeon Hole Parking Lot (corner St. Jean and Notre Dame)
        Time:2:00PM Sunday, September 5th
        i suspect it is on st jacques, can someone access below for info....

        details on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid...

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          It's on Notre Dame... one block east of L'Orignal.

          follow on twitter for updates......

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          Expo Gourmet has been mysteriously cancelled. Their entire website is replaced with a very plain page stating that fact, with no explanation.

        3. Cupcake Camp is on November 21, 2010 at Centre Mont-Royal - a much, much, much bigger venue than last year, so hopefully the overcrowding at Bitoque won't be an issue.

          Event site: http://cupcakecampmtl.org/

          Thread about last year's event: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/668318

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            there is a street festival on st. laurent with lots of kiosks for grazing, had some good corn on the cob $1 a cob proceeds to womens shelter

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              Held since 2002, the Chambly Beer and Flavor Fest is a unique blend of beers, wines, ciders, home made food and so much more. This fest is held on the Labor Day weekend in Chambly, Quebec

              Over 40 of Quebec's microbreweries are present and combined with other exhibitors their number grows over 100 exhibitors offering the very best products made in Quebec!
              This Fest is held outside during four days at The Fort Chambly National Park right beside the Richelieu river
              dates: Fort Chambly 3-6 sept.
              --could not see english website
              --on plan of site you can see list of all exhibitors

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                5th edition of the Quebec wine and cheese event will take place again Oct. 29, 30, 31 at Complexe desjardins (for outoftowners this is indoor shopping centre just down from T and F bistro/bar; connected to hyatt); full program will be on website later , The producers of wines, icewines, cheeses and some other food products of quebec are present to give info on and sell their products. From what I recall there is no entry fee but you can purchase tickets for sampling of wine, cheeses, chocolates etc
                --here is list of participants in 2009

                I ve gone to this one but also the very large wine and spirits salon held in spring at bonaventure exhibit hall, that one is international in focus but also has some local cheeses and food products to accompany the wine. I believe it is held every 2 years and is very worthwhile. http://salondesvins.com/en/index.php
                I added it here to differentiate the two. The complexe desjardins is a smaller, informal event taking place in the central courtyard around fountain.

          2. Local celebrity chef and cookbook author Stefano Faita is hosting a charity event at Centre Lajeunesse in Villeray on (just north of the Jean-Talno métro) to support children's activities in the neighbourhood $55 for a cocktail and four services (I don't know whether wines are included, I can check). October 14th, 6pm.

            For tickets or other information:
            514 278-2654 | info@centrelajeunesse.org | 7378, rue Lajeunesse, bureau 111


            1. There is a sustainable food fair at Concordia Sept 15th. Restaurants, stores and farmers will be present. here's a link http://concordiaeats2010.wordpress.co...

              1. A Montreal croissant "dishcrawl" (something like a pub crawl, but for food) is happening Saturday, October 23 at 10 am:

                Info: http://www.dishcrawl.com/dishcrawl/mo...

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                  Hmm...sounds fun, but $15 for 5 croissants? Who keeps the change?

                2. Re-posting lagatta's reminder about a tasty-sounding Lebanese/Syrian church bazaar this weekend, near de Castelnau metro:

                  "The annual bazaar of the St Nicholat Antiochian Orthodox Church (mostly Lebanese and Syrian faithful) is coming up very soon.

                  Saturday 2 Oct and Sunday 3 Oct. Saturday: 9 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 12 noon to 5 pm.

                  In terms of the food aspects, there are homemade baked goods, but also foods donated by many Middle Eastern businesses - yummy takeaway at a very good price. Also jams and preserves. Moreover, there is a bbq, outdoors if weather permits, with lovely grilled foods.

                  Bazaar St-Nicholas, 80 de Castelnau E. corner St-Dominique métro Castelnau (also not far from Jean-Talon) or bus 55 north corner Castelnau."

                  (Thanks lagatta for the original heads-up!)

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                    I went there yesterday, and although the weather was quite cool, people were valliantly wolfing down grilled chicken, falafels etc. A falafel sandwich with the works is only $2!

                    They also have discount tickets donated by Middle Eastern businesses, including several restaurants, such as nearby Daou and others mostly in Ville St-Laurent.

                    Soon the Gazette will be publishing their annual Fail Fairs guide. Not all are foodworthy, but I may mention some that are, as regards food to eat on the spot or take home.

                    1. re: lagatta

                      1) here are some of the exhibiters at the cheese and wine miniexpo at complexedesjardins this weekend

                      2) and for next weekend there is another food event this time at place bonaventure
                      PUBLIC: 10$ entry fee
                      Friday, November 5, 2010 | 12 am to 9 pm
                      Saturday, November 6, 2010 | 10 am to 6 pm
                      Sunday, November 7, 2010 | 10 am to 5 pm
                      Friday, November 5, 2010 | 9 am to 12 am


                      1. re: wilmagrace

                        i went to both of these events and had a wonderful time, at the first one discovered some unique quebec cheeses and wines de chez nous. I even bought some as gifts as the booklet showed awards they had won and you could sample to be sure before purchase, i bought some products from ile d`orleans as not only excellent but reminded me of our terrific foodie trek around the island.

                        the second show which is currently going on at place bonaventure is larger and well worth the entry cost of $10 although i couldnt stay too long because of parking costs/limit. Lots of generous tasting samples from wines, ciders, brasseries, cafés, mussels, natural and bio foods, desserts, chocolates, patés, cheeses, duck, soups, product types too numerous to enumerate. Yes there were lots of sellers but no pushing to buy and one could sample everything without sales pitch. The emphasis was well on food not other tangential areas such as tourism, products that so often happens in such expos. The only thing i paid for and was well worth the price was duck magret salad $3 at laurentides kiosk, portuguese cheeses 50c, cod cake $1and sweet tart from portus calle restaurant and caramel fleur de sel macaron from point G $1.55. Watched many shows such as teams of chefs in cooking competitions, chef discussing various qualities of foie gras and then cooking up recipe with spiced red wine foie gras, Jerome Ferrer of Europea restaurants discussings sauces, running of the restaurants and then signing 3 of his cookbooks, several other chef demonstrations going on at same time in different espaces for the chefs but i didnt have time to watch. There were beautiful displays with trophies won for food preparations in restaurants, sculptures of sugar, butter, chocolate, vegetables; wedding cake etc. I liked the different kiosks sections from regions such as lanaudiere, outaouais, iles de la madeleine etc where you could taste and enjoy the visual feast of artisan products from each area. Pastry chefs were preparing pastries at mamie clafoutis, maison cheddar distributed yummy cheese curds and there was so many new favourites to discover A pleasant way to graze on a weekend afternoon. If i had had more room after all the sampling i would have gone back to Portus Calle for the octopus and also the pork sandwich.....

                        1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

                        1. re: wilmagrace

                          Thank you thank you! Glad to hear the Bonaventure one is still on...may try to make it over there tomorrow. Sounds like lots of amazing goodies to sample.

                          (Also, your inside view provides a much better idea of what to expect than the event's mysterious website...)

                            1. re: nikkori

                              not much will be going on I suppose till highlight festival with restaurant meals in theme of country of honour (dont yet know country) and hosted by guest chefs, cheese and wine expositions, cooking classes/shows ...the full program for this years gourmet and cultural feast is not yet online
                              ..."2011 festival will be showcasing Women, in a 12th edition celebrating the brilliance of female artists, creators, starred chefs and vintners! We’ll see you then, from Thursday, February 17 to Sunday, February 27, 2011!"

                              but the metiers d'arts/ arts and craft show at bonaventure place (free entry) does have a food section where you can sample and buy products for yourself or gifts- chocolates, jams, wines, apple ciders, herbed products are some of the items i recall in their food section; I have bought ice wine there for gifts after samplng different products


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                                Nutcracker market is new this year Nov. 25-Dec. 5 at Palais des congres and within the themes is a section Plaisirs Gourmands with products such as farm Canardises (duck products), Cao truffles, Cabosse d or chocolates, Le Maitre Chocolatier, Coach House Shortbread Company, Henderson farms jams and jellies, La Petite Paysanne, Domaine du Ridge and Vignoble Riviere du Chene wines, +
                                edible flower products from Fuchsia Epicerie Fleur, La maison du Macaron, chocolates belgian/swiss and artisanal, Pasteque, herbs, teas, honey and related products, and other themes are fashion, home decor, beauty/wellbeing products, toys, are part of this Christmas market with funds supporting Les Grands Ballets Canadiens de Montreal

                                entrance cost is $5 adults, $3 students, seniors; free entrance Mon-Thurs 14h-17h More details at http://www.marchecassenoisette.com/en/

                    2. Does anybody know what's happening with the Salon Passion Chocolat this year? I noticed a month ago that their website miraculously switched from Salon Passion Chocolat 2010 to 2011 with dates to be confirmed. Hmmm. Guess it's not happening this year.


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                        yeah I noticed that too. I missed last year's and heard it wasn't as good as 2008 - that was my first one and it was fantastic! I was looking forward to seeing what this years was going to be like...

                        1. re: Speveo

                          After reading the program, I thought it was now part of Saveurs & Tentations (because of the Défilé Chocolaté)... but maybe I'm wrong.

                          1. re: Glaff

                            Dont know what happened to the chocolate festival in Old Montreal this year but here is a replacement one for those with craving for sweets.... A fundraising feast for cupcake fans and the biggest cupcake camp in the world, the second annual Cupcake Camp Montreal takes place Sunday Nov. 21 at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel 1-5pm, at entrance suggested $10 donation goes to Kids Help Phone and la Tablee des Chefs and this donation gives you three cupcakes and coffee. Once inside each cupcake is $2, $5 for three or $10 for seven. Special section for children, activities such as cupcake cannon, cupcake idol baking competition with chefs and celebrities: Judges are Chuck Hughes, Nadia G, Ricardo Larrivée. Patrice Demers, Bob le Chef, Todd van der Heyden. Lesley Chesterman, Michelle Marek, Queen Elizabeth Hotel chef Alain Pignard and Nonna Maria… ,
                            Some pictures in newspapers of cupcakes from the amateurs are astonishing --look like elaborate flowers, poutine etc

                            Your choice from 15, 700 cupcakes donated from amateur bakers, stores and professional bakers, also cupcake cookies and beverages from cafe Myriade, cafe Neve with Latte art, nespresso to accompany your cupcakes.

                            I dont think I can resist this one! Better arrive early as reported to be a popular event...they had to move to a bigger location this year as too crowded last year.

                            1. re: wilmagrace

                              cupcakes are all the rage, went early to the cupcake camp but thousands in line doubling all up and down lobby of hotel and out onto street, an hour later still a long line so gave up as parking metre ticking. I think they will have to move it to the convention centre or bonaventure hall next year but that might not be possible as site is also donated . Guess you have to offer to be a volunteer to avoid lines. They had a grand total of 21,000 donated cupcakes!

                              1. re: wilmagrace

                                I showed up at 1 pm sharp and waited in line for 10 minutes. I was able to do the round before it got really crowded and crazy. I got really great stuff but am now wondering who will eat all of them. Can you freeze cupcakes?

                                1. re: isa1

                                  i showed up at 3:30, the line went out up near Vargas's door. I was almost next go go in, and they said there were no more cupcakes and they were giving out free cupakes (that was around 4:15). My friends and I decided to force our way up and still pay 10$ just in case (beside, we are doing a donation), went in and there are HUNDREDS of cupcake left. This one vendor said she had 300 more behind her to sell... at 5pm, they were still selling tickets. Great thing about that is that alot of the vendors were doing "two for one" special. I had my diabetes sugar attack, it was worth it ahhaa

                                  1. re: mak2k

                                    "they said there were no more cupcakes and they were giving out free cupakes"

                                    Who are "they"?

                                2. re: wilmagrace

                                  I went too and saw the line! That line was of Backstreet-Boys-concert proportions... I didn't end up going. But good for them, it's great to see a charitable food-centric event in Montreal.

                                  1. re: torontrealais

                                    nice video on site for those of us who couldnt get through the doors, amazingly creative cupcakes and who would have thought of making a cupcake looking like a roasted turkey (american thanksgiving?)......

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                                      in addition to marche cassette noisette (see above) starting this weekend there is another salon noel this weekend with some food kiosks but this one has an entrance fee

                                      1. re: wilmagrace

                                        Marche Casse Noisette has an entrance fee, too, but it is a bit cheaper. Either way, works for me! I heart samples and I heart food artisans.

                                        1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                                          went to marche but not a lot of food kiosks and few samples visible although having arrived at opening they were still putting items on display-very highend market with designer clothing, kitchen wares from france, jewellery , some jams and honey, shortbread, one wine kiosk, lots of chocolates, think you get more variety and range of prices at metiers d arts which starts this week at bonaventure and has no entrance fee. On the other hand it was tastefully presented and was for a good cause.

                                          1. re: wilmagrace

                                            Did you try the shortbread? It was insanely good. I bought three containers for gifts!

                                            I liked it but it wasn't as food-oriented as I had hoped.

                                            1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                                              the metiers d arts/craft show at bonaventure had the usual food kiosks but i picked up some products of Cassis Monna & Filles from Ile d Orleans for gifts including the black currant jam, all products so delicious with the pronounced flavours and some cranberry products including sac of bio cranberries from nutrafruit kiosk . Orpailleur has a food boutique and the different ice wines for sampling were delicious. They just had one cheese kiosk (sheep) and some good sausages, also Mcauslan beers and mustards
                                              here is the shortened list of gastronomy kiosks:

                                              1. re: wilmagrace

                                                I bloody love the Cassa Monna & Filles cassis. We bought a bottle at the Warwick cheese festival in June and it didn't take us long to winnow away at it. I'll stick to buying it at food fairs, though; it's significantly more expensive at the SAQ.

                                                1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                                                  All the details of the real foodie event The Montreal Highlight Festival ( Feb. 17-27) are now available

                                                  guest chefs: http://www.montrealenlumiere.com/vole...

                                                  brunch, lunch, dinner bouffes, big and small events, winetasting experiences,quebec cheese expo, cooking classes, culinary tours, charlevoix theme at jean talon market, etc better reserve fast as they tend to fill up fast!

                                                  1. re: wilmagrace

                                                    Oh my - Elizabeth Falkner is coming. Thanks for the heads-up on the schedule.

                                                    1. re: wilmagrace

                                                      I'm on it! Thanks.

                                                      I am digging they seem to be spotlighting female chefs this year.

                                                      1. re: Peaches to Poutine

                                                        compton has a christmas market with lots of sampling, and food products for purchase from the area as well as some activities festive:

                                                        Dégustations en tout temps!!!

                                                        Plus de 26 producteurs, transformateurs et artisans ont passé ces dernières semaines à préparer des articles, mets, petits pots, petits plats, bref, tout ce dont vous rêvez d'offrir à vos proches :

                                                        cadeaux d'hôtesse très originaux,
                                                        plats préparés pour économiser du temps et impressionner vos convives,
                                                        pièces d'artisanat rares et uniques,
                                                        et pleins de produits du terroir!


                                                        1. re: wilmagrace

                                                          Montreal Highlight festival book is out, there are two actually one on the cultural events and the other on the culinary events Les Plaisirs de la Table. I picked mine up at SAQ on Laurier but must be in other saq branches and tourist office off of peel, really is best way to plan what to take in, lots of photos and info on chefs...

                            2. Anybody know anything about the Grumman '78 "Taco Party" this Sunday on Courcelle?


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                              1. re: OliverB

                                I'm answering my own question thanks to facebook, in case anyone's interested in this...

                                Address is 630 de Courcelle, between Notre-Dame & Saint-Jacques, next to the train tracks.

                                Starts at 2pm and goes until 3am.

                                No cover; cash and carry food/drinks.

                              2. Here are my suggestions for an eastern townships/centre de quebec rural and village agrotourism road trip.

                                There is a cranberry "festival" at the centre de la canneberge / cranberry centre during the harvest in late september to mid october Cheap cranberries, and guided tours of cranberry harvesting. There are plenty if cheese places in the general region too. http://canneberge.qc.ca/

                                The festival de laine de Ulverton (Ulverton wool festival) has a bit of food element if you want some lamb.

                                There is an Inverness Beef Festival. This one I have not yet gotten to.

                                Last stop is the Danville migrating bird festival. Here is where we take all the food we bought to eat beside the lake at sunset watching 100s to 1000s of geese land and take off. I am not sure if the local restaurants have geese on the menu.

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                                1. re: Lowe Arthorbit

                                  This weekend Aug 27 & 28th.
                                  Pointe-à-Callière's 18th Century Public Market


                                  1. re: ios94

                                    Is that at the archaeology museum int he old port?

                                    1. re: OliverB

                                      Yes, they set up shop outside but it's not entirely food-centric.