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Aug 21, 2010 08:55 PM

Food events (2010)

did anybody go to free annual
you can sign up for waiting list for 2011

until sept. 19, 15 chefs will be showcasing cuisine and rhum of martinique
Durant ce mois gastronomique, 15 chefs vous proposent leurs créations culinaires originales à partir des recettes martiniquaises traditionnelles et confectionnées avec un savoir faire à la Québécoise. Accras, colombo de poulet, blanc-manger coco, blaff de poisson ne sont que quelques exemples des mets typiques de la Martinique qui raviront vos papilles de saveurs exotiques et raffiné on restaurants for dates of their special meals

some activities going on in public markets outside of montreal
( reference for montreal markets:


other activities such as old market next weekend in old montreal and sunday on the farm in september are posted elsewhere

chocolate sculpure competition monday oct. 25 10-5 at complexe desjardins

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  1. We went to the White Dinner (Diner en blanc) and loved it. It was a fun challenge to figure out what to cook for that picnic especially that we didn't know where we were going and needed to be pretty self contained. Everyone has to dress in white (think of it as a disguise) and we had to transport a table, white chairs, real white dishes, glass cups, utensils, a white tablecloth and napkins by bus to the event. here is what we took with us:)

    The most fun part was that it allowed me to try out Keller's Ratatouille recipe.

    I have no picture of the cheese, we had le secret de Maurice. And yes, I did carry a two-tiered serving plate for the dessert. The only thing we missed was that our water for the tea was way too cold by the time we got to it, so we walked accross the street and got water at a hotel.

    1. There is also the Expo Gourmet at the Palais des congres on Oct. 2 and 3.

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        2010 Montreal Oyster festival
        Location:The Pigeon Hole Parking Lot (corner St. Jean and Notre Dame)
        Time:2:00PM Sunday, September 5th
        i suspect it is on st jacques, can someone access below for info....

        details on facebook:

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          It's on Notre Dame... one block east of L'Orignal.

          follow on twitter for updates......

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          Expo Gourmet has been mysteriously cancelled. Their entire website is replaced with a very plain page stating that fact, with no explanation.

        3. Cupcake Camp is on November 21, 2010 at Centre Mont-Royal - a much, much, much bigger venue than last year, so hopefully the overcrowding at Bitoque won't be an issue.

          Event site:

          Thread about last year's event:

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            there is a street festival on st. laurent with lots of kiosks for grazing, had some good corn on the cob $1 a cob proceeds to womens shelter

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              Held since 2002, the Chambly Beer and Flavor Fest is a unique blend of beers, wines, ciders, home made food and so much more. This fest is held on the Labor Day weekend in Chambly, Quebec

              Over 40 of Quebec's microbreweries are present and combined with other exhibitors their number grows over 100 exhibitors offering the very best products made in Quebec!
              This Fest is held outside during four days at The Fort Chambly National Park right beside the Richelieu river
              dates: Fort Chambly 3-6 sept.
              --could not see english website
              --on plan of site you can see list of all exhibitors

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                5th edition of the Quebec wine and cheese event will take place again Oct. 29, 30, 31 at Complexe desjardins (for outoftowners this is indoor shopping centre just down from T and F bistro/bar; connected to hyatt); full program will be on website later , The producers of wines, icewines, cheeses and some other food products of quebec are present to give info on and sell their products. From what I recall there is no entry fee but you can purchase tickets for sampling of wine, cheeses, chocolates etc
                --here is list of participants in 2009

                I ve gone to this one but also the very large wine and spirits salon held in spring at bonaventure exhibit hall, that one is international in focus but also has some local cheeses and food products to accompany the wine. I believe it is held every 2 years and is very worthwhile.
                I added it here to differentiate the two. The complexe desjardins is a smaller, informal event taking place in the central courtyard around fountain.

          2. Local celebrity chef and cookbook author Stefano Faita is hosting a charity event at Centre Lajeunesse in Villeray on (just north of the Jean-Talno métro) to support children's activities in the neighbourhood $55 for a cocktail and four services (I don't know whether wines are included, I can check). October 14th, 6pm.

            For tickets or other information:
            514 278-2654 | | 7378, rue Lajeunesse, bureau 111


            1. There is a sustainable food fair at Concordia Sept 15th. Restaurants, stores and farmers will be present. here's a link