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Aug 21, 2010 07:46 PM

North in Armonk-just fair

been there twice now . just recently we had salads which were forgetful, flatbreads that were just plain bad, fish that was ok, chicken that was ok, pasta that was fair, and the over hyped cookie and ice cream which i find poor. in general food is light..yes, flavorful no, well presented yes, good service, in a very loud room, that is nice, but again forgetable..all in all..would i go back, maybe to meet some friends, at place in the middle, but not for any other reason, food imho is lackluster and boring

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  1. I loved the chicken because it tasted like chicken and still love the cookie. Been there twice but the first time was better and the service was very slow.

    1. I LOVED North when we went in July. My biggest gripe at that since then, I cannot get a reservation for anything no matter how hard I try. I am getting very fed up, truthfully!

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        I loved it too the first time. The second time was not quite as good but I will try again. I had no problem getting a reservation - I booked about 3 weeks ago and did it on open table. I don't mind going early either.

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          agree to disagree...I love North. Just an fyi...after going on a whim a few times, I have realized that it seems the Maitre D and young owner will try his best to seat anyone that comes in. At the worst, we had to dine at the bar without a reservation, but were sat twice. I find North to be wonderful, from the food, service, attention to detail, and the overall atmosphere. Would you be more specific about the flatbreads...they are my favorite part and were awesome!!! Which ones did you have....

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        1. I'm sorry you had a sub-par experience but seriously 'lackluster' and 'boring'? Everyone is entitled to their opinion but where do you typically eat? I have been a fan of the Chef at North since his days at Tavern in Garrison. I don't know that I have met a chef more eager to ensure that your experience is a positive one. I have dined at North, went for lunch with a friend. The meal was delicious and the food anything but lackluster. Very fresh with an individual touch -- he discovered that I loved his potatoes from tavern and incorporated them into our lunch dishes (full disclosure, this was lunch during the week so it was slower than a typical weekend night). I had also dined many many times at Tavern -- possibly the best eggs benedict I have ever had. Ever. My only regret is that Armonk is a trek for me. I wouldn't put it in the super-pricey range, although one can certainly do some damage to the wallet. If it were closer I would definitely be going often.

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            I completely agree with you RC about this chef. He gives 100+. My only problem with North is how loud it can get. Being such a small place. However, I too, think the food is thoughtfully put together and fresh.