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Aug 21, 2010 07:42 PM

So...What's the most you've ever spent on a meal (for two)?

I'm talking a meal not jacked up ridiculously in price by wine....let's say with a couple of pre-dinner drinks, a moderate bottle of wine and two after-dinner drinks. Where was it, and was it worth it?

I'll reveal mine later. :p

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  1. One beer, No wine, no after dinner drinks: $250 + T&T at The Kitchen Restaurant in Sacramento. It was worth it, but only in a 'once in a very long while' kinda way.

    1. This month. £450, including service charge.

      Add to that an overnight hotel, two lunches and petrol for the 400 mile round trip.

      Fat Duck - the world's 3rd best restaurant. Worth every penny.

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        Regarding the "400 mile round trip" do you still use miles where you live? Or did you convert that for the benefit of U.S. readers?
        I am curious about the meal. What did you have?

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          Miles are one of the few imperial units still in common official use in the UK. Road signs, car speedometers are in miles - fuel is in litres.

          I normally post restaurant reviews to another board but did post this one to Chowhound as well:

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            Thank you for the prompt reply. Surprising that there are other countries besides the U.S. where miles are still in use.

            Your review was well written, detailed and comprehensive. Thank you for the link.

            Interesting that in Japan there are a few pubs that serve imperial pints, usually for handpumped real ale only, for the sake of authenticity.

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              Indeed, interesting about Japan. Whilst liquids here are now always sold in metric, the pint in a pub remains a pint. I think there'd be a revolution if that was tampered with :-)

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          Fat Duck sounds fascinating...loved your review! I had to rush off and Google them after I read it. :)

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            That makes me feel pretty good, as my US$ 600 figure would be pretty close, depending on the day, and the £ exchange rate on that day.

            Now, I did not figure in any travel, or lodging expenses to that price.


          2. Restaurant Eve tasting room in Alexandria, VA. Somewhere around $400. Not worth it at all. It was the most underwhelming food. Our favourite course was a cheese course.

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              Same here, except we loved the 9 course tasting menu. It got to be kind of a Battaan Death March around Course #7, but we made it through. Particularly liked the sweetbreads. ours was around $440 with wine and apertifs.

              I once spent about the same amount for a single meal. I ordered a very large kobe steak.

            2. I think it's probably a tie between Margaux in Berlin (for our 5th wedding anniversary): 9 course menu with wine flight & tip - 420 Euro (ouch, but worth it), and wd-50 with a friend of ours, so we were three... we had the tasting menu, 3 bottles at 50% off, and ended up paying $750 total. For three people. My goodness. Mostly worth it, but I've been moving away from high-falutin' food. I feel I cannot eat that much anymore, I don't want to be stuffed to the gills after a 4 hour eating event, and, last but not least -- I simply don't have that kind of money to throw around anymore.

              1. I have no idea how much my all-time forever most expensive meal cost, and it's probably best for my heart if I never find out. It was when my first husband and I lived in Las Vegas. Spur of the moment he said to get dressed, we were going out for dinner. Dinner was the dinner show at the Riviera, Dean Martin was the headliner. When you don't have a reservation, you have to tip the maitre d' like mad to get a table behind a pillar. We were seated at the only table on a private balcony overlooking the stage. We had our own waiter all evening. The food was incredible, the wine was fantastic, and I shall remember the evening forever. Dean Martin sang a song to us. I just figure the evening cost at least the down payment on a very posh house! My guess is that my gambling compulsive husband blew a jackpot on dinner. The divorce freed me of such stress. :-|

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                    Or loses, depending on your perspective. '-)

                    1. re: Caroline1

                      I would've paid way more than the meal was worth to see Dean Martin, and not knowing the damage is a bonus.

                  2. re: Caroline1

                    That sounds incredibly awesome! Actually, I think if we had that time machine we've spoken about, that may just be what I'd use for! Except, perhaps, the gambling husband part.

                    Yes, I'm part of the younger set that loves Dean Martin, and I love to dress up for dinner! I even have evening gloves and my boyfriend is now getting into it as well.

                    My most expensive dinner can't quite compare with any listed here. I went to Fleur de Lys and dropped about $400 with wine pairing, five courses, and a pre dinner cocktail.

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                      Sounds priceless to me! You have the most incredible experiences and I love reading them here. =)

                      1. re: Caroline1

                        Caroline, have you thought about writing a book about your life? ;-) I agree with Harters - you win! LOL

                        I *think* the most I ever spent was close to $250 - but that was with a seriously nice bottle of wine shared between the two of us.

                        1. re: LindaWhit

                          I suspect I have a larger audience here! '-)