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Aug 21, 2010 07:07 PM

Francis Kaufman House, Sumneytown, PA (Montgomery County)

Francis Kaufman House in Sumneytown recently opened a few months ago. The food is fabulous, ALL homemade and they even grow their own herbs and berries and make their own jam. We especially love the breakfasts, the quich lorriane is unbeatable. Currently BYOB but hopefully that will change soon. My husband and I go there frequently. Hot fudge brownie sundae is sinful. I personally also like the salmon and filet. Has anyone else been there? We used to frequent the place years ago when it was "Kaufman House" but it had been closed for several years. They also renovated the inside, which was desperately needed.

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  1. Wow! I remember that place from back in the day. I went there because Elaine Tait, food editor of the inky gave it a great review. It was a very pleasant time. Thanks for posting this. I'll have to get up that way again.

    1. I've not been since the original Kaufman House, probably around 1989 or so. Thanks for the heads up. Any word on who the owners are or where the chef is from?

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        Yes, Bill and Desiree Francis. I think if you got to their website you can read their history.