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Aug 21, 2010 04:29 PM

Chinatown place at 3:30 PM tomorrow that a 12 yr. old girl and a 14 yr. old girl might enjoy.?

I'm taking my niece and my goddaugther out for a late lunch before the latter leaves to go back to LA. They want to go to Chinatown but neither are adventurous eaters (i.e., nothing too spicy). I need a place that typically jaded tweens (jaded not in the culinary sense but in the sense that they're monosyllabic around adults and find adult things boring; they'd love to spend the day on facebook) might like. Dim sum would be great but are places serving that late? Maybe a place with fish in a tank would get their interest. Or some other intriguing draw?

Any ideas?

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    1. re: scoopG

      This doesn't really help me at all since none of these discussions is specifically about which of these restaurants might appeal to two 2 blase teenage girls. One of the links you provide, for instance, is to the two Fuzhou places on Eldridge -- which I love but which don't at all fulfill the criteria (they are too simple in decor to intrigue the girls and too spicy and too much about good tasting food than about offering the sort of distinction that these girls would like). So I am not going to spend time going through a bunch of links that might not be helpful and try to guess which restaurants might fit my needs when someone could just write in and tell me which of the restaurants in C-town will fit my needs (which are mostly about appeasing these tweens). Sorry to sound grumpy about this (maybe I'm just stressed at having had to deal with these capricious tweens all week), but I need an answer to my specific question, not a referral to a bunch of links that are certainly useful about C-town restaurants in general but not useful for what I wrote about. Those links don't really help at all and I worry that other people now might not write in to help me since they think my question's been answered. So my original query still stands.

      1. re: adorno

        Nothing to be sorry about: as a parent of a teenage daughter who often rebels to be just like the others, I think I might understand your feelings. Nevertheless, IMHO, ScoopG gave you the best-tasting options regardless of the decor, and I would strongly recommend selecting from those.
        The majority of Chinatown offerings are not spicy at all, and I am so sorry, I am puzzled by your report that the Fuzhou food is spicy (which dishes were those?) I second going to a Fujianese place and letting the girls pick what they want from the tank. Alternatively, there is a good Cantonese seafood restaurant @ 22 Elizabeth: their food is known to be mild and fresh but the decor is lacking.
        I am sorry, I'd recommend against dim sum: best dim sum restaurants in C-town are menu-based, i.e., no carts: nothing to write home ^^^^ on Facebook about. Also, I do feel Joe's SH is a real disgrace.

    2. Red Egg
      dim sum with a menu- they will have to order! also- pretty and clean.

      Red Egg
      202 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

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      1. re: rkaene

        Agree with Red Egg: hipper decor and you can all sit in the lounge area where they can pretend not to be with you and text friends! Lots of safe as well as more exotic options.

        Red Egg
        202 Centre Street, New York, NY 10013

      2. Sounds like a tough crowd alright. Joe's Shanghai on Pell Street has soup dumplings as a curiosity (is this still special though?) and rest of the food is OK. It's been packed whenever we were there so maybe the buzz itself is attractive.

        Joe's Shanghai
        9 Pell St, New York, NY 10013

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        1. re: NYCTechy

          Dont go to Joe's Tourist Trap. For soup dumplings go to Shanghai Cafe 100 Mott Street