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Aug 21, 2010 03:50 PM

Crimping Advise.....How Do You Crimp?

You see beautiful pies in magazines, ornately crimped, but still look homespun & delicious.

I've not made a lot of pies, but when I have, the hardest aspect is crimping.

So, how do you crimp? I'd love advise from experienced bakers.

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  1. Two thumbs outside, forefinger inside, pinch, repeat.

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    1. re: Quine

      Impossible to do with long fingernails!

      1. re: Funwithfood

        oh well, you didn't mention that criteria. :-)

        1. re: Quine

          If I could find some latex gloves to wear, that might help...?

          1. re: Funwithfood

            You could do it with your knuckles, my grandmother did it like that.

            1. re: Quine

              I've done the knuckle of one hand on the inside the thumb and forefinger of the other hand pinch - how do you do two thumbs outside?
              have also used the knife handle end of a butter knife in place of the knuckle or forefinger on the rare occasion that I have too-long fingernails

              1. re: Cynsa

                palm of right hand up, knuckles of first 2 fingers inside

                palm of left hand down, knuckle of first finger presses pie dough between the knuckles of the other hand.

                Reverse R/L above if you are left handed.

                turning your dominant hand palm up keeps from poking your fingers into the crust.

                Oddly enough I can crimp a pie crust (though I usually don't, I use a fork) but I make lousy lousy pie dough.

                1. re: Cynsa

                  OOps me bad,thumb and first knuckle on outside.

        1. BTW, can you quadruple pie crust recipes (with no problems)?

          1. For single-crust pies, I have used these alternatives to crimping or fluting: Trim the crust even with the edge of the pie plate and either roll the scraps into long skinny ropes, which I then twist together, or cut out little shapes with a paring knife (such as diamonds) or with a tiny cookie cutter. With a finger, paint a bit of water on the dough at the edge of the pie pan, then lay the ropes around the rim, or overlap the cutouts along it, pressing lightly. It's easy to do and looks neat and decorative. The only caveat is working quickly enough that the pastry doesn't get too warm, or chilling the pan before baking.

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            1. re: Caitlin McGrath

              Thanks Caitlin, I can see how novices could end up with too-soft dough as they attempt to be creative!

              Here is a great video I found on crimping options.

              1. re: Funwithfood

                That is an excellent video and a good site! Thanks so much.

            2. Martha Stewart has some gorgeous edges (of course):