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Aug 21, 2010 03:49 PM

Delicatessen Myer,mentioned in bon appetit's september issue, please say that they have reopened????

Can anyone give me some info on this,bon appetits said it is in the new Lincoln Square satellite 2 story specialty grocery,they did mention gene's sausage shop,and I checked out gene's website but not yet working, I do hope that this is true as former chicagoan I'm totally lost,have always orderd all my lunch meats from them and had it shipped,have tried other places but nothing comes close.Thank you.

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  1. This article is from last fall:

    A web search shows this as their phone number at the 4750 Lincoln location: (773) 728-7243. Give them a call!

    1. I was there early-afternoon today. It's "Gene's" but with some memorabilia from Meyer. The deli and meat departments are different, but interesting. There's large selection of imported food items and on the 2nd floor area an excellent wine and beer section. It's not the Meyer's as you'd remember it, though. The new store is better than no store ... and I saw many nice items not to highly priced.

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        thank you to both of you for the info will definatly give them a call,as you said It's better than no store,tell me though is this building in the same area as the old Meyer's was,??? I'm just trying to get an Idea in my head as to where this new place is,I live 500 miles from Chicago now,came back only once in the past 5 years,and everything changes so drastically.

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          This building is the same one where the old Meyer's was.

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            The lot on which the building sits was where the old Delicatessen Meyer was. The building is totally new from the foundation up. The old sign and some beautiful wood cabinets were salvaged and incorporated into the new building.

            The former owners of Delicatessen Meyer wanted to retire and eventually sold the building and business to Hans. He had a good record as a sausage maker but proved inept as a retailer and was probably under capitalized as well. The business deteriorated very rapidly with dwindling inventory. Symbolic of the new state was the banner on the front of the building touting Boar's Head meats. These replaced some very good house-made things such as roast pork and beef.

            The owners of Gene's Sausage fueled by a younger generation acquired the real estate and name out of foreclosure.

            The new store was opened somewhat prematurely in terms of stocking. For example, the deli case had a lot of Boar's Head and supermarket brands but none of the house-made meats from Gene's. This was corrected a few months later with Boar's Head relegated to a back cooler. The other blunder was playing up the Delicatessen Meyer connection in their advertising, which generated false expectations. Gene's is no German deli and carries very few German products. The German wine selection on the second floor is a joke compared to what Meyer carried. Some of the old German customers came in and did not like what they saw, probably never to return again.

            The new Gene's has its strengths for neighborhood shopping. They have a little bit of a lot of things. I characterized the selection as a mile wide and an inch deep on another board.

            The Polish sausages are good. German sausages not so good. Fresh meats are terrific and priced accordingly. Their senior meat person came from Fox and Obel.

            The selection of packaged Polish foods is better than the first month or two but very small compared to practically any random Polish deli on the Northwest Side. However, the help at Gene's speaks English in contrast to the situation at many of these delis.

            The store is nice to have within easy walking distance of home, but I would not travel very far for it. It is quite popular with Lincoln Square Yuppies, who I believe were the target audience from the start. They hit that target.

      2. Gene's is good but not as good as Meyer was and the atmosphere is completly different.