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Aug 21, 2010 03:28 PM

Kitchen and Restaurant Supply (L.A.) on a budget--new or used cooking supplies

I just discovered Toro Kitchen Restaurant & Supply in Canoga Park.
They have a wonderful selection, but I'm not sure whether I should select
new equipment or have my strapped budget go farther with some of their
used equipment that looks to be in very good shape.

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  1. While carrying only new equipment, Star Restaurant Supply on Sepulveda (SE corner of Erwin) and Costco-adjacent, has some fairly low prices on utensil-table top kinds of things.
    Not sure how their cookware and similar compete, but at least the place is not that far from Canoga Park to find out. They also have a website, which I believe is

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    1. Looking for equipment for the home or commercial operation?

      Dish Factory in downtown LA (near Little Tokyo) has new and used restaurant equipment, utensils and dishware at good prices.

      If you're a Costco member check out the Costco Business Center in the City of Commerce (next to the Commerce Casino), they have very good prices on all kinds of restaurant equipment.

      Costco Business Center
      6333 Telegraph Rd, Commerce, CA 90040

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        I think it depends on what equipment you're looking at.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. As mentioned in older threads,

          "if you travel east on Washington, past La Brea, you'll find plenty of restaurant supply places ( Alpine, Restaurant World, to name just a few) open to the public"

          1. Toro's used equipment is awesome, i bought a refurbished 6 burner Imperial Range & a 30 qt hobart mixer from them (both look brand new), equipment works&looks amazing, & came with a warranty as well. Scored points with the wife.

            Star has a larger selection but the pricing is a bit too high for my taste, and they only sell new equip.

            Restaurant Depot, great one stop shop for most food products, the equipment side is a little light, but i can't blame em for trying