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Aug 21, 2010 03:00 PM

Alimentare (deli) near termini for food to take on the train


I have been researching the message boards for many months now and between Fred Plotkin's book, Katie Parla's blog and these message boards, have a decent idea where to eat in Italy. I am, however, a bit lost when it comes to picking up some good food for our train trip to Venice. The problem is we are arriving from NY into Rome (FCO) and head straight into Termini to go to Venice. We land at FCO at 8 am and our train into Venice is at 11:45 am (we got the fast train into Venice at 19 Euros per person, so we bought it online in advance!). I was hoping some of you would help me figure out if there is a deli etc near Termini or inside Termini, where we can buy some food/wine for the 4-5 hour train journey.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. There's a large supermarket in the basement of Roma Termini. Since even the smallest alimentari have deli counters, I assume this supermarket does as well. In my experience, all supermarkets also sell wine.

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      Thanks, Zerlina! I am so happy to hear this....I was not looking forward to being hungry on the train (esp after a long international flight!)

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        Can confirm that there is a Despar (or is it a Conad?) in the station; it will do for train snacks. There is also a reasonably good supermarket (Supermercati Sir) on 28 Piazza dell'Indipendenza, about 5 minutes walk; and a decent alimentari just alongside the station: Guido - Alimentari Gastronomia Panineria‎ Via Marsala, 62 (check both on google maps).

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          Thanks, Sinjawns! this is really helpful.