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Aug 21, 2010 02:39 PM

Indian grocery store within walking distance of DC metro?

I've just recently moved to the Clarendon area of Arlington from NJ and I'm used to cooking a lot of Indian food -- unfortunately, we've sold our car and it doesn't look like there are any Indian grocery stores within walking distance of a metro station. I've searched the boards here, and elsewhere on the Internet, but the only thing I'm able to find is Delhi Bazaar in Alexandria -- and even that appears to be 1.2 miles away from a metro!

Any ideas of something more convenient? I'm willing to go anywhere in DC/MD/VA, as long as I don't need a car. I'd also be open to seeking out a general middle-eastern grocer, as sometimes you can find Indian spices there, too....

Thanks for your help! I'm missing my frozen parathas and spices already!

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  1. Randomly, I believe the woman who runs dupont threading, Natasha, in dupont circle owns an Indian grocery store - and will arrange for you to get indian groceries if you talk to her in advance.

    She does killer eyebrows, as well :) Hope that helps!

    Otherwise, a convenient option for you might be A-1 Indian Grocery at Lee Highway and Glebe Road - I imagine that it would be easily accessible by bus from Clarendon.

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      Wow, that's a great recommendation -- and great threading advice, as well. I'll look into this, thanks :)