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Aug 21, 2010 02:14 PM

who has the best selection of salsas in Van

i know of el surenno and the place @ knight and 41st, but haven't checked them out yet, the more central the better but will travel for great selection

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  1. Salsas or Hot Sauces of various types?

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    1. Dona cata on Victoria has a salsa bar of about 10 homemade types all arranged in increasing hotness. But sounds like you're looking for something to go? Check out dollar grocery on commercial- extensive Latino section with many salsas at great prices.

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        cool, i have to go there today anyways, and yes meant to go

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          A couple of places you can try are Wholefoods and Urban Fare. (I'm always reluctant to recommend these two places, but for certain specific things, their selection can't be beat.)

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            i agree. there are some items less common items that you will find at wf and uf. at wf while the 'asian' section is lacking the mexican section is better. the also got fresh tumeric, canarolli rissotto very well priced. the selection of beverages and snacks are much better here than anywhere else.

            dona cata was my first thought as well. last i was there about 6 weeks ago, i found the food and salsa less impressive than prior visits.

            i am sure op and everyone here already knows this. but salsa and hot sauce can be confusing to some. as salsa can be used as hot sauce.

            el surenno does have a good selection. of hot sauces and salsa.

            does anyone where to get good mole in the city?

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          Also on the Drive are El Sureno Market (1730 Commercial Dr near 1st) and Latin Supermarket at Commercial and 12th. El Sureno regularly has cheap buy multiples deals on Herdez.

          El Sureno Market
          1730 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N, CA

        3. I love the Rick Bayless salsas; he has about six of them, some Mexican style ones, some southwestern. Whole Foods used to carry them, but I've recently only found them at the Urban Fare in Yaletown. Pair any of the salsas with local chips, Salsa & Company, and you'll find yourself going back for more as soon as you're out.

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            thanks for the tip, will have a look