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Aug 21, 2010 01:58 PM

64th Wedding Anniversary suggestions

I would appreciate any suggestions for a nice restaurants to take our parents for their 64th anniversary. Stairs are out of the question, price approximately $65 pp. A nice, quiet restaurant, food not too fussy, and nice ambiance would be fine. I hope this isn't too much to ask? Thanks.

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  1. First of all, hearty congratulations are in order!

    What kind of food do they like? Given their age, are there any serious dietary restrictions? And any particular part of Montréal or the metropolitan area?

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    1. re: lagatta

      Thanks for inquiring. There are absolutely no dietary restrictions. They love food but don't like the fussy new cuisines. They've been to Moishe's (their engagement was at Moishes when it was a 1 room restaurant) and like the Beaver Club. We wanted something different but good. My dad just got his first hearing aid so it's important that the ambient noise be minimal. We're willing to drive them anywhere. They met in Ste. Agathe but we know most of the restos up there. Montreal area would be preferred as it is midweek and we don't want to drive more than about 30 minutes from the Cote des Neiges area.
      Hope this isn't too tall an order!

      1. re: heathbec

        I find the new restaurants quite noisy, maybe one of the older restaurants like chez ma mere michel (been ages since i was there, cant remember if there are stairs).

        since you are in cote des neiges area you might check out Tonnerre de Brest on van horne in outrement, it is small so noise would not be a problem, no stairs and friends have not found it not too pricey for the frenchstyle food. You could ask the owners if they could do something special that your parents might enjoy some of the faves of years ago like crepe suzettes, cherry jubilee etc. I have not eaten there so can not give details on menu.

        I have been a couple of times to la raclette (they also have salmon, bavette, veal.....) which is byob and found it quiet with couples, families and some people were celebrating but quietly--it has a nice ambience. It is in the plateau area but you have to be sure to get good directions as the street stops and then restarts later on!

        1. re: wilmagrace

          wilmagrace, in the same area as Tonnerre de Brest, there are also Bistro Justine and la Terrasse Justine. The latter is on a quiet residential street in Outremont, Lajoie, and I don't recall it being noisy. It is a pretty little restaurant with food from the south of France, and other Mediterranean touches. Very reasonably priced. (many more reviews online in French).

          Bistro Justine
          1268 Av Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V1K6, CA

          1. re: lagatta

            lagatta i have driven by and saw people in terrace but thought it was still the seafood place. Now i have aother new place to try for brunch, and their dinner menus is affordable so thanks for posting info!

            1. re: wilmagrace

              Both of these bistros are a short drive from CDN via Van Horne. (Also very easy to get to via public transport if anyone is coming via STM). The terrasse on Lajoie is especially charmng, and I'm sure the neigbhours wouldn't put up with an overly noisy restaurant!

              I'm sure carswell will have some good CDN ideas.

    2. Thank you, lagatta and wilmagrace all for your thoughtful suggestions. I had completely forgotten about Chez la Mere Michel which was a favorite of my parents many years ago. It may be a little pricey now. I heard that The Keg in PVM would be a good suggestion for them. Has anyone been there lately?

      Again thanks for your help!

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      1. re: heathbec

        what about Le Caveau...they would remember it as being a very fancy French restaurant years ago...altho I have not been there recently it was a favorite place for us to go when we were dating and early marriage about 30 odd years ago...

        1. re: blondee_47

          Le Caveau is a great suggestion, thanks. By coincidence, we have celebrated many family parties there, two sweet sixteens as well as my mother's 70th birthday. The stairs are too much for them now and I think they would like something different. We definitely did have that high on our list. Thanks!

          1. re: heathbec

            I suggested the place I did not only because I took my own elderly mum there, but because there are no stairs, I don't recall it being noisy (it is on a residential street in a staid neighbourhood) and it is a very short drive from CDN.

            I have also been to family celebrations at Le Caveau.

      2. We've decided on Bonaparte in Old Montreal for tomorrow night. I'll let you know how it was.
        Thanks to all for your suggestions.

        1. Our evening at Bonaparte was excellent. The food was first rate and the service impeccable. It was the perfect choice for my parents 64th wedding anniversary. Thanks to all for your suggestions!

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          1. re: heathbec

            I am so glad that Bonaparte anniversary meal was up to par. I know family members who go there regularly for special occasions and were always satisfied with meal and prices, but I didnt suggest it as I knew others would pan it or critique it since not a la mode, trendy and the decor would not appeal to a younger crowd. But many of these older restaurants have a lot going for them in terms of ambience, attentive service, and the classics regardless of the brown sauces! They have stood the test of time in this precarious business and frankly I have had my fill of indifferent, unapproachable staff in some of the newer places.
            Congratulations on this special anniversary of your parents!

            1. re: wilmagrace

              Thanks for your kind thoughts, wilmagrace. I agree wholeheartedly about some of these newer trendy restaurants with indifferent staff and designer mini portions. My parents remarked on the 'hot plates' and pristine white tablecloths. There's that touch of 'class' that is regrettably no longer in vogue. My mother hails from Czechoslovakia and left a refined way of life behind as she fled the nazi regime. The European 'feel' of Bonaparte put her back into her comfort zone.