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Aug 21, 2010 01:34 PM

Source for Vigo brand PAELLA

Hello 'Hounds,

Does anyone have an Ontario source for Vigo Paella? I used to get it at Sobey's in Peterborough but it's no longer stocked there.

I almost set up an order through but the shipping would've cost twice the product's cost.

This is a picture of the box from the US distributor's website:

Thanks all.

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  1. I'm super keen on this paella. It comes in a box with a can of seafood and a bag of seasoned rice. It is sooo delicious so please help out this desperate 'Hounder!!

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    1. re: Doopsylalolic

      I've always had great success in finding a diverse product line (produce, specialty items, imports) at Highland Farms. Who else stocks 9 different types of pears? The one I frequent is on Dufferin St.

      1. re: Canadian Cook

        Thanks - that was a good prompt to check out H.F. on Dufferin. While I struck out on the paella there I certainly saw what you meant about selection, and I came home with some treasures.